Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter Fourteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Fourteen.

Riley awoke to a loud barking. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she heard Sidney trying to hush Sachi. Riley rolled out of bed and quickly glanced at the clock to see that it was 10:30am. She had clearly slept in.

“Morning,” Sidney said as he grimaced in pain.

“What’s wrong babe?” Riley asked, and then panicked. Babe? I did not just call him that... A goofy grin appeared on Sidney’s face then was quickly replaced with a look of pain.

“I kind of injured myself at practice…” he trailed off.

“How?” Riley asked with a loud sigh.

“Well, I was trying to nail a scoring move when my foot slipped and I pulled my groin,” he said
sheepishly. Riley burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny…” he whined.

“Sorry,” she muttered. She tried to contain her laughing but when she saw Sidney trying to sit down she cracked up again.

“Stop it!” he hollered from the living room. “What are we doing today?”

“I don’t know what do you want to do?” Riley asked as she made herself some breakfast.

“Staying here would be nice,”

Later Riley went to go get dressed, even though staying in her pyjamas was tempting she had to get dressed. As she was looking through her closet her cell phone went off. Spencer, Paul Patterson’s assistant was calling to tell her that she had to go in for a brief meeting about the assignment she was working on about the Penguins. She was told to be there in forty-five minutes, which was cutting it close but was possible. She was told to bring everything that she had written with her so she could present it to them.

Dressed in medium blue cowl-neck tunic, dark blue skinny jeans, 2 ½ inch heels, her lime green medium-sized purse, and her plaid trench coat, Riley headed out into the cool October weather. As she headed out the door she informed Sidney that she would be leaving for a short period of time, again. While she was walking down the steps to the driveway she ran into Cooper.
“Where are you headed?” he asked as he looked at her up and down.

“Oh I have to step into the office for a brief meeting,” she said quickly, trying to point out that she was in a hurry.

“Oh, well I don’t want to keep you then. But we should hang out again,” he said as he moved closer to Riley. Sidney was watching from the living room window and did not like what he saw.

“Yeah, sometime. But I really have to go now,” Riley said as she got into her car.

“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” Cooper said as Riley pulled out of the driveway.

She checked her reflection in the mirror in her car one more time before heading in to meet her boss. Her hair was looking good, down and curly. Her makeup done to perfection; deep purple eye shadow, black eyeliner, and a touch of lipstick to complete the look.

She walked into the seven story office building and made her way to the fourth floor. The building was new and everything in it was close to top of the line quality. Nice black granite tile floors and a sleek grey colour for the tall walls. There were modern yet elegant couches and chairs in the lobby. The elevators were a shiny gold colour, almost matching the colour of a gold wedding band perfectly.

As she walked to Paul’s office she said hello to several of the people who actually acknowledged her. When she knocked on the already open door she saw Spencer and Paul talking then turning to look at the young woman at the door.

“Ah, Miss Jacobs, you’re here.” The man, Paul, who was probably in his early forties said from his oh so comfortable office chair that only he was allowed to sit in.

“Mr. Patterson… Spencer.” Riley nodded towards both men.

“Why does he get called ‘Mr. Patterson’ and I just get Spencer?” The younger man, Spencer who was roughly in his mid twenties asked jokingly.

“Because I am the boss,” Mr. Patterson implied with a cocky grin.

Riley presented all of her information that she had gathered over the past three weeks and the two men seemed to be really impressed with how everything was going. The three of them went over the expectations of this special project of Riley’s until they were all on the same page. It was set that once every two weeks Riley would pop into the office to update everyone on everything and to receive news and/or updates on anything.

After being in the office for an hour and twenty minutes, Riley was finally able to leave. She packed up her things, said goodbye to her coworkers, and left. On the drive home she remembered about the fairly long dream that she had, but she pushed all of the thoughts about Australia and Toby out of her mind when she pulled in to her driveway parking beside Sidney’s silver Range Rover.

“Hey, I’m back,” she said as she took off her coat and hung it in the milk chocolate coloured closet.

“Hello, so who was that slug you were talking to when you were leaving?” he asked as he placed his arms gently around her waist.

“Who?” Riley asked as she turned around in his arms.

“That guy, he’s like your neighbour or something,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her sweetly on the lips.

“Oh, you mean Cooper?”

“Yeah that slug,” he said in a jealous tone.

“Oh don’t! He’s a nice guy,” Riley protested.

“He’s a slug.”

“Oh stop it, don’t call him that!” Riley said as she rolled her eyes and playfully hit Sidney on the arm.

“He is! I see the way he looks at you, complete and utter lust,” he said as he pulled her closer to

Riley let out a loud sigh and shook her head. She knew that Sidney would not give it up so she did. Deep down she did have an odd feeling about Cooper but let it slide. He was her neighbour and that would not be changing anytime soon. Just then Sachi came running in from the back door, taking Riley out of her thoughts. He came running at her holding his favourite toy, a white teddy bear. Riley would throw the toy in the air and Sachi would jump three feet to catch it. At first he would fall but he perfected it after multiple attempts.

After a while Riley was getting bored, she was desperate to get outside and relax. She asked Sidney if he wanted to go outside to a park nearby for the afternoon and at first he groaned but eventually agreed. He was dressed in blue jeans fit to perfection, a white tee with a black zip-up sweater overtop, running shoes, and over course the ever so popular black Reebok hat.

The park wasn't too far away so they decided to walk to it. As they walked hand in hand, they admired the developing neighbourhood that Riley resided in. The moment was almost perfect, minus the chilly breeze that would come by every now and then. Riley had a feeling, a feeling that someone was following them.

Sidney and Riley spotted a bench a little bit down the path in the beautiful park. The bench was across from a beautiful, large, circular fountain. For a small suburb it was a pretty big park. The grass was exceptionally green, the trees were healthy, the bicycle paths were clear and wide, and overall the park was definitely a relaxing spot.

Sidney pulled Riley close to him on the bench and put his arm around her waist as she rested her head on his shoulder.


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