Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Fifteen.

As they sat there talking and cuddling Riley had closed her eyes. When she opened them again she saw a man in the distance sitting on a bench watching them intently. When Riley saw this she stared for a few seconds then looked away.

“What time is it?”

“Five o’clock,” Sidney answered, looking at his watch.

“I’m getting tired, let’s go,” Riley said as she stood up.

“Alright,” Sidney said as he stood up beside her and grabbing her hand.

They walked back to Riley’s house hand in hand again. They continued to talk on the way home; surprisingly they still had things to talk about after talking for a few hours straight. When Riley and Sidney arrived at her house they were instantly greeted by Sachi. “Why didn’t we take him with us?” Sidney asked shaking his head while laughing.

“So for dinner, what do you want?” Riley asked as they walked into the light orange kitchen.

“Depends, are we ordering or actually cooking it?” Sidney asked as he wrapped his arms around Riley.

“Either one is fine. What do you want to do, cook or order in?” They both thought about it for a moment then answered at the same time, “Order in.”

“Chinese? Greek? Pizza? What do you want?” Riley asked using her hands as a weigh-scale.

“Hmm, I haven’t had pizza in a while,” Sidney said.

They ordered a Hawaiian pizza and it arrived half an hour later. They sat on the couch watching TV. After they finished their dinner they cleaned up and cuddled back up with each other on the couch. They got caught up in a random movie that was on and once it was over it was 11:45pm.

“Jeez, it’s late,” Sidney said looking at his watch.

“Yeah…” Riley started, “We better get to bed.”

“Alright,” Sidney said as a slow, sly grin spread across his lips.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up off of the couch and easily lifted her up into his arms, bridal style. “Uh Sid,” Riley said as she grabbed onto him for dear life. He responded by letting his lips crash down onto hers in a fiery kiss. He carried her to her room where he dropped her down on the bed. He climbed onto her kissing every inch of skin all the way up to her lips. They met in yet another fiery kiss. They slowly started to undress each other; tugging off her pants Sidney broke the kiss and said, “You just had to wear skinny jeans, didn’t you?”

Once they had stripped each other down into their underwear Sidney looked deep into Riley’s eyes and asked with complete seriousness, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Riley looked at him and responded with a smirk, “I was ready the first time, wasn’t I?” He looked at her and said, “Yeah, but it’s been four years. Are you sure you want to just jump back into… everything?” Riley looked at him and raised her right eyebrow, “Yeah, why do you think we’re going to fast?” When he didn’t respond for a few seconds Riley was just about ready to climb out from under him and put her clothes back on. He sensed this and a slow smile crept onto his face, “Are you kidding? I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now!” And so they continued on with their… activities.

The next morning they woke up and freshened up. As Riley walked out of shower she wrapped herself in a towel and walked into her bedroom to see Sidney already fully clothed and watching TV. “You’re not ready yet?” he whined seeing her in a yellow fluffy towel. “No because I had to wait for you to take your shower first,” she answered as she looked through her closet for something to wear. “Well you could’ve taken one with me,” he said as he walked up behind her. “Oh yeah, because that would save time,” Riley responded sarcastically. “Well hurry up then, because we’re going out for breakfast.”

They went to an IHOP that was nearby. The place was near empty so they took a table near a window. They ordered when the waitress came by and then started up a conversation.

“Why didn’t we just go to a Tim Horton’s?” Riley asked as the waitress brought over their breakfast.

“Because there aren’t many around,” Sidney said with a laugh.

“So you haven’t done anything about that yet, huh?”

“I’ve tried, believe me.” Sidney said as they ate their breakfast.

A few people had walked by the table and said hello to Sidney and some asked for autographs. Some of them looked at Riley strangely but she just smiled in return. She thought that she saw a man in the background writing something down but Sidney caught her attention when he squeezed her hand lightly.


mrsjordanstaal11 said...
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mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Oh boy...
Sid really should do something about the lack of Tim Horton's.
Can`t wait to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!? No Tim Horton's, that's an outrage. Sid should do something about it.