Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chapter Seven

Sorry for the wait, I had to re-write everything since it was all deleted. I may not be able to post as often as before, for me school starts on Tuesday, September 2nd. I have a couple chapters already written, that's why it took so long to post. Anyway, here's chapter seven and please comment to tell me what you think! =]

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Seven.

“He’s what?” Sidney asked bitterly.

“He’s...he’s right,” Riley answered with some fear of his reaction.

“What do you mean he’s right?!” Sidney shouted.

“I’m your ex-girlfriend!”

“Why didn’t you tell me before, scared of how I might react?” Sidney exclaimed.

“I didn’t know...” Riley said her voice barely above a whisper.

“What do you mean you didn’t know?” Sidney said with disgust in his voice.

“In Australia I--”

“You what, forgot about me? Forgot about us?” Sidney asked with hurt and anger evident in his voice.

Riley knew that he was not going to take what she had to say easily. She knew that there was going to be a lot of shouting, which is not what she wanted. Riley was furious of how Sidney would accuse her of forgetting about him when she left for school. She had assumed that he had moved on and dated other girls. But he made her out to sound like the bad guy.

“How could you say that? You know I loved you...” Riley said the last part quietly.

“I guess not enough to stay then, huh?” Sidney said in a rude tone.

“Sidney, I loved you but I wasn’t in love with you,” Riley said, trying to put it the best way possible.

“You don’t get it do you? You left and you broke my heart,” he said with hurt in his eyes.

“I’m sorry that I broke your heart and mine, but I am not sorry that I left,” Riley said.

“Of course you’re not,” Sidney said bitterly.

“Excuse me?” Riley said as she crossed her arms.

“You’re selfish.”

“Oh, of course,” Riley said sarcastically.

“Everything always has to be about you Rye, always was and always will,” Sidney said with an angry laugh.

“If you would just let me explain this time, since last time you didn’t want to hear it...”

“No, I don’t want to hear what you have to say. Maybe we should just stay away from each other, you know. We had a past and probably no future together.” Sidney said as he stood up.

“If that’s what you want, but I will be at the practices, games and other events that deal with the Penguins. After all, it is my job. So I will be there whether you like it or not,” Riley said, showing no emotion.

Sidney didn’t say anything so Riley just showed him the door. But as he was leaving he said, “Looks like you were just meant to be my ex.” Riley shrugged her shoulders without saying a word as he made his way down the street. Riley was angry that Sidney didn’t allow her to explain why she didn’t know it was him at first. He never did want to hear what she had to say, no matter how important it was to her. During her time in Australia Riley had learned to find inner peace and how to enjoy life, even with all the little curve balls it may throw you.

On Saturday, the next day the Penguins would be having their first practice. No more working out and those things, this was an actual practice like one they would have during the season. They had been on the ice for a few days in the past week but that was more for getting used to the ice surface again.

That night Riley tried to focus more on her job and her new life in Pittsburgh than about Sidney. After all, this was their second break up and probably their last. At around 8:15pm Riley was getting a snack when she realized that she was out of milk. “Damn it, this always happens,” she grumbled as she got her keys and left the house to get milk.

As she was locking her door she heard footsteps behind her, thinking that it was Kaylan she didn’t bother to turn around. When she eventually turned around to head to her car she was startled by a young man standing in front of her. As she looked at him up and down she noticed how attractive he was. He had short blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, sparkling white teeth, nice build, and overall drop dead gorgeous.

“Um, hi...” Riley said still amazed by him.

“Hey,” he said with a slight wave.

There were a few seconds of silence that felt like seventeen years. It was kind of an awkward silence. Until finally the mystery man spoke up.

“Uh so... I’m, uh, I’m Cooper,” he said extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Riley,” Riley replied shaking his hand.

“So, where are you going?” he asked as he looked deep into her eyes.

“The store,” Riley said with a smile.

“Well, I’ll let you go then. I just wanted to come and check out the new neighbour since some people were saying that she’s pretty hot,” Cooper said with a sly smile.

“Right... well I better get going...” Riley said, trying to brush this guy off.

“Okay, have fun sexy,” he said as he winked and walked away.

“Oh god...” Riley mumbled as she rolled her eyes.

She spent fifteen minutes or so at the store getting some other things before heading home. Riley never liked going to stores late at night, fearing that the store might get robbed. On her way home she couldn’t stop thinking about Cooper, he was creepy. ‘No, you’re just saying that because of things with Sidney’ Riley said inside her head. He lived across the street so she had to deal with him, whether he freaked her out or not.

When Riley arrived at her house she saw Kaylan talking to Cooper. Great. She tried her hardest not to be noticed but Kaylan and Cooper both saw her. “Hey Rye,” Kaylan said with a smile. “Hey Kay and Coop,” Riley replied as she waved to them. As Kaylan went inside Cooper made his way over to Riley, she noticed this and tried to find her keys faster.

“So I was thinking...” Cooper said as he leaned up against the outside of Riley’s house.

“Do you have any plans for lunch tomorrow?” he asked as Riley turned to look at him. Suddenly he didn’t look so... pervert-like.

“Nope,” she replied looking at his beautiful eyes shine in the light.

“Well then, why don’t you and I have lunch?” he asked.


They exchanged numbers and Riley went inside and Cooper went to do whatever. When Riley got inside she noticed that it was 9:30pm, there goes the snack. So instead she sat on her couch and worked more on the report about the Penguins. She was thinking of making a video about them and presenting that to Paul and company. She was deep in thought and her work when she noticed that it was nearing one in the morning, and with that she made her way to bed.

The next day she woke up and did her morning ritual except she didn’t go for coffee, she didn’t feel like running into Sidney or worse, Troy. As she was leaving she ran into none other than Cooper again. They chatted for a little bit and then Riley had to go to work. She was actually excited for her lunch with Cooper; it took her mind off of Sidney.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chapter Six

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Six.

They stayed around for an hour or so until they decided to get something to eat. The whole time Riley felt like Troy was watching her, just waiting for her to mention it. Riley pretended not to notice that and kept her composure. Sidney drove everyone to the café which was a block away from Riley’s house. It was close, within walking distance.

Riley pretended like everything was okay throughout lunch. Troy would ask her odd questions and she would answer them with a vague answer. Riley realized that Sidney didn’t mention her last name; he introduced her as “This is my girlfriend, Riley.” So that made things slightly easier. She was going to tell Sidney, just not in front of his family.

After lunch Sidney dropped Riley off at her house before he went with his parents to Mario’s. He kept saying that he was going to find his own place this year but for now, while he’s looking he will remain there. Riley was invited to head over to Mario’s with the family but she made up an excuse—she had to finish writing her report thing for Paul. “So do you want to have dinner with us tonight?” Sidney asked as she was walking up to her door. He had decided to walk her to her door, being the gentleman that he is. “I don’t think so, I have a feeling that I’m going to be in and out today,” she replied. “Alright, well do you think we could do something tonight? They want to be back to their hotel at like eight or something,” Sidney asked with pleading eyes. ‘Crap. Do I want to tell him now, when his parents are in town?’ Riley said inside her head. ‘It’s now or never’ “Sure.” Riley replied, knowing that this was not going to go well at all. “Cool, so I’ll be here at like eight.” Sidney said as he kissed her goodbye and made his way to his Range Rover.

Instead of stressing out about what she was going to say to Sidney, Riley just sat on her couch and typed away at her report thing about the Penguins. She figured that he was going to do one of two things: freak out or take it all in stride. She had been working on her report for three hours when she got bored. So she made her way to the mall, as she was locking her door Kaylan was right behind her. “Jesus Kay!” Riley screamed out when she turned around. “So... Where are you going?” Kaylan asked rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet. “To the mall, what are you up to?” Riley replied as she made her way down the steps. “Well I was coming to talk to you but now you’re leaving, so...” Kaylan trailed off. “Do you want to come with me?” Riley asked, hopeful for some company. “Duh...”

They walked and shopped for two hours like old friends would do. They decided to get some dinner since it was getting late. They went down to the food court and got some Chinese food, since it had the shortest line. They left the mall around 7:30 and arrived home in fifteen minutes. As soon as they pulled up Sidney arrived at Riley’s house. “Ooh,” Kaylan said with a smile and then made her way to her house.

“Hey, where were you?” Sidney asked as he followed Riley to the door.

“Oh, I went to the mall with Kay,” Riley replied as she walked towards her door.

“Interesting,” Sidney said with an angry sigh.

“Is everything alright?” Riley asked a little concerned.

“Yeah... well it’s just... ugh.” Sidney said as he seated himself on the couch.

“What?” Riley asked, confused.

“My dad thinks that you’re my ex-girlfriend...” Sidney replied as he looked at Riley.

“Uh, um... Sid?”


“He’s uh... he’s...”

“He’s what Riley?!” Sidney snapped.

“He’s right.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chapter Five

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Five.

When Riley walked in she saw Sidney sitting at a table with three other people. He sat with a large man who looked slightly rugged, a woman who looked tired, and a young girl who looked no older than fourteen. When Sidney saw Riley he got up and walked over to her,

“Hey,” he breathed with a smile.

“Hey,” Riley replied with slight uncertainty.

“So look, uh my parents are here,” he said with a nervous smile.

‘Oh no! No, no, this is bad, bad timing!' Riley screamed inside her head.

“Oh...” Riley replied with s shaky voice—Sidney noticed, but just let it go.

“Want to meet them?” Sidney said with a half smile.


Sidney led her over to the table where his parents and sister were sitting. He introduced everyone to each other but Riley had a weird feeling about his father—he gave her a weird look when Sidney said her name. Riley sat at the table with his parents trying to focus on whatever they were talking about but she just could not think straight, not after what she found out the night before.

“Sorry I can’t stay longer but I have to get going,” Riley said, lying through her teeth.

“But I don’t have to leave for another fifteen minutes; don’t we have the same schedule?” Sidney said as he gave her with a questioning look.

“I have to stop off at the head office on my way; Paul called me last night saying he wanted me to stop by for some reason,” Riley replied, lying yet again.

“Oh, well then I’ll see you at the rink then,” Sidney said as he stood up to kiss her cheek.

Once Riley left she got into her car and drove, Paul never called asking her to stop by, but she figured that she could head into the office to talk with some of her co-workers and fill Paul up on what she had been up to. The whole car ride there she was trying to calm herself down but one thought in her mind was preventing that, ‘His dad knows’

When she walked into the building she was automatically greeted by Paul. He was talking to the secretary about who knows what but once he saw her he made his way straight to her.

“Good morning Miss Jacobs, what brings you here?” Paul asked as they made their way to the elevator.

“Oh just thought that I’d stop by and fill you in on everything,” Riley replied with a smile.

“Ah, so how do you like the job?” he asked in a friendly tone.

“Oh I love it. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted.” Riley replied as she relaxed slightly.

“That’s what I want to hear. But you do know that this is the easy part, right?”

“What do you mean?” she replied with utter confusion.

“Just wait until the season starts, oh dear wait until the playoffs!” he said with a laugh.

“Oh, yeah that’s when the competition starts,” Riley said as the exited the elevator.

“Yep, you’ll be covering the players’ reactions on the turnout of the game and their reactions on the rumours...” Paul said as he seated himself in his big comfy leather chair.

“Yeah, the rumours will be interesting,” Riley said as she sat in the not so comfy seats on the other side of his desk.

“Oh especially since the star player is Sidney Crosby,” Paul replied with a laugh.

The talked a bit more until Riley had to leave; as she made her way to the arena she got a text from Sidney. She debated on reading it or not but eventually pulled out her phone.

‘Training’s cancelled today.’

“Ugh, now what do I do?” Riley growled. ‘Thanks, but now what do I do?’ she wrote back quickly.

‘I don’t know, how about lunch today with my parents?’ Sidney texted back, Riley got in her car and was on her way back to her house.

‘Alright, I’m heading home now so I can do some writing I guess. What time are we heading out?’ She wrote as she was stopped at a red light.

‘I’ll come get you when we decide on a time, just be ready.’ He wrote back to her.

Riley was sitting on the couch typing away on her laptop about how the guys train and their thoughts on it when there was a knock on her door. She got up and answered it only to see Sidney standing there with his family.

“A little early, don’t you think?” Riley said with a laugh, noticing that it was only 10:30.

“Yeah, we got bored and they wanted to see where you lived,” Sidney said as his mother rolled her eyes.

“Ah, well come on in and make yourselves at home,” Riley replied as she moved out of the way so everyone could file in.

“Oh, it’s a nice place,” Sidney’s mother cooed.

“Oh, thank you, Mrs. Crosby,” Riley replied politely.

“Oh, please, call me Trina and call him Troy,” she replied pointing at Sidney’s dad.

“You have a lot of artwork,” Troy said as he walked around the hallway and living room.

“Yeah, there are a mixture of real and store bought pictures,” Riley said as she followed him.

“Real? Where on earth did you find these beaches?” Troy asked, with a brow raised.

“I lived in Australia for four years, and spent a few months in Japan,” Riley said.

“Wow.” Taylor gaped.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chapter Four

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter four.

About halfway through the movie, Riley was petrified. She had seen the movie three times and was still scared. She clutched onto Sidney during one of the scary scenes. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to his body. At the part where the little girl is trapped in the motor home Riley turned her head and rested her face in Sidney’s shoulder. Once she did this he grabbed a hold of her legs and placed them across his lap, so in a way she was on his lap.

Once the movie was over Riley asked, with her face still hidden in Sidney’s shoulder,

“Is it over?” her voice was a little muffled but he still heard her.

“Yeah, it’s over,” he said with a laugh.

She then looked up at Sidney as he looked down at her.

‘Where do I know him from?’ Riley questioned inside her head as she was staring at Sidney, the 21-year old boy whom she had only known for several days.

‘She looks so familiar!’ Sidney thought.

“Since it’s early, tell me about yourself,” Riley said still sitting in the same position.

“Okay, I was born in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia...” he started.

‘Cole Harbour? Who do I know from there?’ Riley questioned in her head.

“I moved to Minnesota for a year when I was fifteen,” he said as he pulled Riley in closer to him.

“Did you go to Shattuck-Saint Mary’s?”

“Yeah I, I did.”Sidney stuttered.

“Oh,” Riley said nodding her head.

“Riley,” Sidney said quietly.

“Sidney,” Riley replied, barely audible.

When Sidney didn’t reply, Riley looked up at him, only to see him staring down at her. She gave him a questioning look quickly until she lost her train of thought when she made eye contact with him.

Sidney leaned in slowly and gently kissed her lips. When they both pulled away there were a few seconds of complete silence. They both were at complete bliss.

“Riley?” Sidney finally said.

“Yeah,” Riley replied, still trying to register what had just happened.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Sidney asked.

“Yeah,” she replied with a smile.

Their lips met, yet again after she gave him the answer he was hoping for.

They spent another hour getting to know more and more about each other until Sidney had to leave. When he left Riley pulled out her laptop and started reading more about Pittsburgh and its beloved hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. She then decided to read more on the Penguins’ captain, Sidney Crosby. She was reading the list of teams he played for when she noticed the Rimouski Oceanic was mentioned twice. Sidney had already told her that but he didn’t tell her what years he had played.

Hmm, 2003-2004, I must’ve known him,” Riley said aloud.

She let her curiosity have the best of her, she went and searched through her pictures from 2003-2004. ‘Ah, here they are!’ she thought as she opened the file titled Rimouski Boys’ she searched through the pictures knowing that there had to be at least one of her and her beau at the time. She was quickly skipping through mass amounts of pictures when she gasped out loud.

“Impossible..” Riley breathed.

The next morning she groaned at the sound of her alarm clock going off. She hadn’t gotten much sleep; she had stayed up until 2:45am looking at all her pictures from 2003-2004. She finally got out of bed when she heard her phone beep. It was a text from Sidney, ‘You coming? I have to tell you something.’ Riley jumped into the shower then got dressed, anxious for what Sidney had to tell her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter Three

I decided to post another chapter today since tomorrow I won't be posting and next week is going to be a busy one. Next week is my last week of summer holidays [boo] And next week I think I have something planned for everyday. Then after that, I'm back in school. Approximately the first couple of weeks are going to be hard, I'm starting a new high school so I have to learn my way around and stuff. I have a good amount of chapters written out on Word so that's good. There might be one day where you see all these posts, well there's a little story behind that. So to keep it short and simple, my computer is on its way to... computer heaven. Just today my mouse [for my computer] died so naturally I freaked out. Anyway, enjoy this chapter!

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Three.

Riley woke up at seven thirty the next day. She didn't go to bed until three o’clock because she had to describe everything to Kaylan. The two had a lot of fun though, joking and gossiping. She groaned as she rolled out of bed and into the shower. After she was all ready she stopped at a local Starbucks for her usual skinny latté, and then made her way to the work. Today was the day that the guys would be back on the ice so she was pretty excited to see this. She was sitting in the locker room talking to some of the guys while they were getting into their on-ice equipment. She then turned to Sidney.

“Funny, I pictured you in a blue jersey.” She said tilting her head.

“I used to wear a blue one when I played in Rimouski,” he replied with a laugh.

“Do you have any pictures?” Riley questioned.

“Actually… yeah,” he said as he was stunned that he found one in his stall.

“Ooh I want to look at it.” Riley said as she perked up.

“Okay, here it is,” he said as he handed her the picture.

“Hey, this looks familiar.” She said as she narrowed her eyes.

She held onto the picture during the practice and when the guys would take a break she would stare at it. She went into another one of her daydream-trances.


“Woo!” A seventeen-year old Riley screamed as she sat in the stands and watched her boyfriend celebrate the goal he just scored.

She was wearing his jersey, like she did to all of his games. As he skated by he gave her a wink as the smile on her face grew even bigger.

“You’re so lucky,” her friend Michelle said.

“Oh, how so,” Riley questioned playfully.

“You’re dating the best player on the team and he’s hot!” she said as she put emphasis on the word ‘hot’.

“Hot?” Riley asked in confusion.

Il est chaud.” Michelle said; she was helping Riley learn English as well.

“Ah, je vois.” Riley replied.

*End Flashback*

Riley snapped out of her trance when she heard a loud whistle, signaling the guys to get back to practicing. As the guys practiced, Riley took notes. Once the guys made their way off the ice she made her way to the locker room. When she got there Max Talbot was conversing in French with Marc-André. When she walked over to Sidney she put the picture back on his stall and looked at him.

“What?” he said.

“Nothing,” she replied with a smile.

“Elle est chaud!” Max said as he walked by Riley.

She turned around and replied, “Merci beaucoup,”

Vous parlez français?” Max asked.

Oui, Je suis de Rimouski.” Riley replied with a smile.

“Good to know,” Max said with a nod.

“Okay so you speak French and have a hot Australian accent?” Sidney said with a toothy grin.

“Sure, we’ll go with that one.” Riley said as she scrunched up her nose, a habit she has.

“Riley, what do you have planned for the rest of today?” Sidney asked standing up.

“Nothing really, I was just going to go home.” She said as she gathered her notepad and bag.

“Ah, I see.”

“What do you have planned?” She asked, being the big flirt that she is.

“Nothing really…” he replied.

“Want to come over to my place?” Riley asked sweetly.

“Uh sure.”

Sidney followed Riley back to her place and then the two walked into her cozy townhouse. Riley gave him a tour of the house, showing him the kitchen, dining room, living room, the two spare bedrooms that needed to be furnished badly, and then the master bedroom.

Riley’s room, the master room, obviously, was pretty simple yet sleek. The walls were white and the furniture was black. She had a king sized bed placed up against one of the white walls. The bed had a black comforter on it and black pillows. There was also a black love seat placed in front of the bay window that overlooked the backyard and the field in behind. There was also a forty inch flat screen T.V up on the wall near the couch. In her room, Riley had a black dresser that held her black and silver stereo. There was artwork up on the walls, mainly abstract and then one black and white photo that was enlarged of her childhood dog, Roscoe. He was a Rottweiler and he had no mean-streak in him whatsoever.

“Now that you’ve seen my house, what do you want to do?” Riley asked.

“I don’t know, it’s up to you,” he replied.

“Alright, do you want to watch a movie out of my collection?” She asked as she walked down the stairs.

“Sure.” He said as he followed her down the stairs into the living room.

“Okay so how about ‘The Eye’?” Sidney said as he held up the DVD.

“Sure, but you have to know something first,” Riley paused waiting for Sidney’s attention.

“Go on…”

“By the end of the movie, I’ll probably be on your lap.” She laughed as she said that.

“You get that scared?” Sidney questioned with a laugh.

“Yup. You should’ve seen me in the theatre, ah, good times.”

Chapter Two

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Two

The next day flew by, although Riley was also in deep thought about what her evening would have in store for her. She had spent some time the night before researching more on the Penguins and even on Pittsburgh. As she was daydreaming while the guys were working out she realized that some of her thought of Rimouski were a bit hazy.


“Oh my gosh, mom, dad I got in!” Riley screeched as she jumped up and down.

She was seventeen at the time and was holding a letter that she received in the mail saying that she was accepted into the University of Sydney. Her parents were very understanding of her need to move so they gladly agreed with her decision to go to Australia. They knew that she was very serious about going to university to study in journalism, that’s why she had been learning English for the past year. Her boyfriend at the time was also helping her learn English, since he was from Nova Scotia.

“I guess that this means I have to leave everything behind.” She said sadly, her parents reassured her that her time in Australia would be well worth it.

“What time do you leave?” Her father, Antoine asked.

“It says July 21st,” Riley replied.

“Oh that’s in three weeks,” her mother, Eliza stated.

“Well I guess I have to go tell everyone I’m leaving in three weeks.” Riley said as she made her way out the door to tell her friends the news.

*End Flashback*

“Riley…earth to Riley.” Sidney said as he waved his hand in her face.

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking.” Riley replied shaking the thoughts out of her head.

“It’s alright, just thought I’d come tell you training ended a few minutes ago…” he said trailing off.

“Oh thank you,” she replied with a smile.

“No problem,” Sidney replied, returning the smile.

After talking with Sidney for a little while longer she headed home to get ready for her ‘date’. The other day she had given Sidney her cell number and directions to her house. Riley decided on wearing a black dress and black flats. She did some more light make-up and put her hair down and straightened it. Once she was done her make-up the doorbell rang, “Seven o’clock, right on time there, mate,” she said to herself as she made her way down the stairs.

“Hey,” She greeted in an energetic tone.

“Hey, you look really good,” Sidney said as Riley gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You look good yourself,” she replied as she put the flowers he brought in a vase.

“Well, shall we head out?” Sidney asked.

“Yes, I’m actually ready on time.” Riley said as she slipped on her flats.

Their dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh. They made small talk about the weirdest things, “So you’ve never had Hungarian food before?” Riley asked with her eyebrows raised. Her grandparents were Hungarian so she was introduced to that type of food and culture at a very early age.

“Nope,” Sidney said with a smile.

“Ugh, how do you live with yourself?” Riley joked.

“I have no idea,” he said with a laugh.

“Well with me, you’re going to try it at least once,” Riley said, again through her thick Aussie accent.

“What if I don’t like it?” Sidney joked.

“I’m going to make you like it,” she said in a stern tone, then burst out laughing. They continued in that manner for the remainder of the night.

“I had a great time tonight,” Riley said as Sidney walked her to the door.

“Me too, we should do this again sometime,” Sidney said looking into her beautiful eyes.

“Oh definitely, but I get to choose the restaurant though,” Riley said with a smile.

“Fiiiine,” Sidney said with a dramatic sigh.

“Told you, with me you’re going to have it at least once,” Riley said as she kissed him on the cheek and went inside.

“Goodnight Riley.” Sidney said with a laugh.

“Goodnight Sidney.”

About four minutes after Sidney left there was a knock on Riley’s door.

“Okay, that was Sidney Crosby who just left, how did you score that one?” Kaylan said with her eyebrows raised as Riley opened the door.

“Um I’m a reporter for the Penguins.” Riley said as Kaylan made her way to the couch.

“So you like what, show up for work on your first day and then their star player, arguably their hottest, asks you out?” She screeched.

“Basically,” Riley said as she looked at Kaylan.

“I want to know the whole story, like what he said, how he said it…” Kaylan continued.

“You’re not going to leave until you know everything are you?” Riley asked with a laugh.

“That’s my plan.” Riley made Kaylan and herself some hot chocolate; this was destined to be a long night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chapter One

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter One.

“Congratulations Miss Jacobs!” Paul Patterson, the head of Montgomery-Review a new sports magazine said as he congratulated Riley Jacobs on her new position at MR Sports. She would be one of the three head hockey journalists.

Riley was twenty-two years of age and had just moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after graduating from the University of Sydney in Australia. She had spent four years in Australia studying English so she could one day be a journalist. Riley was born and raised in Rimouski, Quebec. This was her dream job, something that she had worked hard for, for numerous years. She grew up liking the Montreal Canadiens but was never a die-hard fan that is until she was seventeen-years-old. She started dating a guy who was one year younger than she was; he played for their midget team, Rimouski Oceanic. She worked as a lifeguard at the local pool in Rimouski.

“Miss Jacobs, you will mainly focus on interviewing the members and staff of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Meaning your job consists of being at every home and away game and their practices, you start your job tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of their training, so you will ask them the basic questions and such. We will get you acquainted with everyone before hand so no need to worry about that.” Paul continued as he was handing her a continental notepad. He went on to explain the hours and handed her the Penguins schedule.

“Thank you so much Mr. Patterson, this is everything I’ve ever wanted,” she said politely through her thick Australian accent that she had developed during her years in Sydney.

She went home later that day to do more research on the Penguins. She had just bought a townhouse in a quiet suburb just outside of the city. She chose the one on the end so she could have one less neighbour and a side yard. Riley had moved in to her townhouse a week ago. Her neighbour, Kaylan Penton was twenty-three years of age and worked as a nurse at the hospital in downtown Pittsburgh. They got along well from the start and they talk with each other usually once a day.

The next day Riley woke up early and wasted no time getting ready. Since it was mid September she dressed in an appropriate skirt, V-neck shirt, and black flat shoes. She was five-foot seven so no real need for heels. Riley put her hair up in a neat ponytail and did some light make-up. She drove her brand new silver Mustang GT to the place where the guys would be training.

“Good morning Miss Jacobs,” Paul greeted her warmly.

“Good morning Mr. Patterson.”

“Excited?” he asked hopefully.

“And nervous.” She replied through her thick accent.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We hired you for a reason,” he said sweetly.

They conversed for a few more minutes until he said, “Let’s go meet the guys!” She was introduced to the staff first and then the guys. All the guys were lined up for their next drill. Their training was all outdoors for the remainder of that week. All the guys dressed in shorts and t-shirts. “Guys this is the new reporter, Riley Jacobs,” Paul said as he looked at Riley. He then introduced her to all the guys, one by one. “…and this is the Penguins’ captain, Sidney Crosby.” Paul said as he motioned to the young man who looked all too familiar.

“Nice to meet you,” Sidney said extending his hand.

“Likewise,” she said shaking his hand firmly.

She continued to watch them train as she tried to figure out why the gorgeous captain looked familiar. “Hey Riley, do you have plans for lunch?” one of the guys, Colby Armstrong asked as he sat down next to her on the bleachers.

“No,” she replied politely.

“Well a bunch of us are going out, do you wanna come with us?” he asked happily.

“Sure,” she said.

“So tell us about yourself.” Jordan Staal said once they were seated at a fairly large table.

“What do you want to know?” She questioned, again in her strong accent.

“Well how about we start with that accent of yours.” Sidney said with a smile.

“Oh, I went to the University of Sydney in Australia to study English.” She replied with a slight blush.

“Are you originally from Australia?” Marc-André Fleury asked in his French Canadian accent.

“No, I’m originally from Quebec,” she replied with a smile.

She went on to tell them more about herself as the continued with their questions. For the rest of the lunch they just talked about random things, favourite movies, least favourite cars, and so on. They went back to the Penguins training camp when their lunch break was over. She sat there, in the bleachers until the end of their training. As she was leaving one of the guys came up behind her.

“Hey Riley,” she heard.

When she turned around she saw Sidney walking up behind her. “Yes,” she said with a smile.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow night?” he asked looking into her green eyes.

“Not that I know of,” she said.

“Would you like to go to dinner with me then?” he asked cutely.

“I’d love to.”