Friday, October 31, 2008

Chapter Eighteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Eighteen.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I’m replacing you,” he said coldly.

“Miss Jacobs, you should go.” Paul said before Riley could say anything.

Riley walked out to her car in the cold November weather, trying to hold back hot tears that were forming quickly in her eyes. Once she got inside her car and blasted the heat the tears began to fall freely. She was upset that she had just lost her job and infuriated at why Paul wouldn’t give her any details on how he knew these untrue things.

As she was walking out of Paul’s office for the last time she overheard a bit of what Cooper and Paul were saying. Things like, ‘…Copied my work? Horrible… I’m sickened… today?’

She drove home to quickly redo her make-up and to change her clothes before heading back out to the arena. She couldn’t believe that she spent four years in university working her rear off just to keep her dream job for only several months.

It was now past two, meaning that the boys would be off of the ice by the time Riley got to the rink. There hadn’t been any snow yet but the forecasters had predicted that there would be by the end of the week. The temperature throughout the week had been in the low positives, Celsius that is, and quickly approaching the zero mark and below.

Before stepping out into the cold weather Riley looked in the mirror in her car and plastered a fake smile on her face. She decided that around the guys she would pretend that everything was ok.

Walking into the arena she spotted a group of girls sitting in the stands giggling and gossiping. When Riley got closer she noticed that someone was still on the ice, even though practice had ended half an hour ago. Knowing it was Sidney; Riley decided to sit a few rows back from the glass. The giddy girls looked back at Riley a few times and whispered a few things to each other, all of which Riley rolled her eyes.

Soon after Sidney glanced into the stands and saw Riley sitting there, he winked and smiled, causing the gossip group to break out into a bunch of ‘Oh my God’s’ and ‘He so wants me’. Riley had to put her hand over her mouth to contain her laughter. Sidney collected everything and made his way to the gate. The clan of barbies jumped out of their seats and screeched ‘Here he comes!’ Riley remained in her seat and enjoyed the show.

After being brutally rejected by Sidney the girls looked at Riley and started a ‘diss’ conversation. “I wonder what she’s waiting for,” the leader said idiotically. “It doesn’t matter, if Sid won’t go for us there’s no way he’ll go for her,” another one said coldly. “Well duh, she’s so plain why would he ever want her?” The bleach blonde one said, cocking her head to the right. Riley decided that they weren’t worth her time or energy, so she sat there and listened to their insults.

Once they left a song popped into Riley’s head; one that she hadn’t heard in ages. She began to sing it quietly while she sat in the stands staring at the sheet of ice.

When I was 7
They said I was strange
I noticed that my eyes and hair weren't the same
I asked my parents if I was OK
They said you're more beautiful
And that's the way they show that they wish
That they had your smile
So my confidence was up for a while
I got real comfortable with my own style
I knew that they were only jealous ‘cause

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I'm ugly then
So are you
So are you

There was a time when I felt like I cared
That I was shorter than everyone there
People made me feel like life was unfair
And I did things that made me ashamed
‘Cause I didn't know my body would change
I grew taller than them in more ways
But there will always be the one who will say
Something bad to make them feel great

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I'm ugly then
So are you
So are you

Her phone vibrating interrupted her song. She flipped it open to see a text from Sidney. ‘Come to the locker room’ she smiled to herself and headed to the locker room. Normally she would wait outside but since nobody was there but Sidney she decided to go in and wait. When she walked in she saw Sidney putting on his jacket, Riley stood there quietly watching him.

He looked up and saw her standing there in dark jeans and her grey pea coat, leaning up against the doorway. “So how’d the meeting go?” he asked casually as he approached her. “Uh, well I lost my job.” Riley replied, anger rushing through her again. “What, how?” he asked quickly. “Cooper.” His expression changed from confusion to anger, “What did he do?” he asked in a low, pissed off voice. “Apparently he told Paul and others that I copied his work and used it as my own…” she said as tears began to form again. “Son of a bitch!” he exclaimed, his own anger coming to a boil. “So he’s replacing me and I’m left to find a new career. The only problem is that now I have a reputation as a plagiarizer,” she said as her lower lip began to quiver. He pulled her into a huge comforting hug. “So he’ll be here every day interviewing us?” he asked as she rested her head on his chest. “Pretty much, why?” she asked looking up at him with watery eyes. “Just wondering,” Sidney said.

The rest of the day went by slowly and uneventful. The next day Kaylan returned from her month long European vacation. Her boyfriend, Spencer had brought her along with him on his business trip. While Sidney was at practice Kaylan decided to pop over and get caught up on everything.

“Hey girly!” she said, enveloping Riley in a huge hug.

“Hey Kay! I missed you so much,” Riley said once they let go of each other.

“Ditto girl, ditto.” Kaylan said being her same old goofy self.

“How was the trip?” Riley asked, anxious for some good news.

“It was awesome. He’s awesome. Everything was friggen awesome!” Kaylan said with a huge smile. “So what did I miss, anything juicy?”

Riley began to tell Kaylan about the whole ordeal involving Cooper and getting fired. She didn’t want to bore or bring down Kaylan so she kept it short. Riley also filled her in on other random things that had happened. Kaylan showed Riley all of the pictures she had taken on her amazing trip and recalling everything that had happened in each picture. Sidney arrived home an hour later and Kaylan was still there. “Oh you’re back…” he sighed, pretending to be quite disappointed. “Damn straight! But you know you missed me,” she said, standing up to walk over to him. “Uhh… yeah,” he said unconvincingly. She playfully hit him on the shoulder. “So how was the trip?” he asked laughing. “Good, good.”

Kaylan stayed for a little while longer then decided to go home and rest. The jet lag had been catching up with her. Once she left Sidney came and sat next to Riley, placing his left arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to him. “So, how was practice?” Riley asked as she rested her head on his shoulder. “Good, so I kind of told the guys about Cooper and all so then when he came in to interview us everyone refused to answer his questions, gave him a hard time and best of all, they booed him.” Sidney said laughing. Riley started to laugh not only because it was hilarious but also because the guys would do something like that for her, that and they were just having fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chapter Seventeen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Seventeen.

Riley woke up the next morning wrapped up in Sidney’s protective grasp. They had a few minutes to spare before getting up and starting a busy day so she just laid there in his arms, feeling completely safe and happy.

“Morning beautiful,” he said as he kissed the top of her head.

“Morning,” she said as he pulled her on top of him.

“What time is it?” he asked after a couple of minutes had gone by.

“Eight forty-five,” Riley replied, rolling off of Sidney so she could get ready.

“I hate mornings…” she heard Sidney mumble just before she closed the bathroom room door to take a shower.

They sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast completely silent. It was a content silence though. Mornings like this were normally quiet, for many reasons. Sidney was usually preparing for practice, Riley was planning out her day, and they were still half asleep. The only conversation that was really made was when Sidney asked Riley if she was going to practice and she replied with a simple, “Yup.”

As they were cleaning up the phone rang and Sidney ran to it, picking it up like if it got to the third ring it would explode.

“Apparently I am going into the office today instead of going to watch you guys practice.” Riley said as she hung up the phone.

“But you were just there…” Sidney said with a confused tone evident in his voice.

“I know, but Paul obviously has other plans instead.”

They made plans that instead of carpooling together to the arena like they had planned, they would take their own cars and when Riley could leave the office she would head over to the Mellon. They both had to be at there at 11:00am and no later. “Seriously we need to leave now…” Riley whined as Sidney pinned her up against his silver Range Rover. He refused to do what Riley had said and continued to press himself up against her and kiss her hungrily. “People are going to start staring,” Riley said as she tried to push Sidney off of her. “So?” he smirked. “So, I don’t want my picture plastered all over the news for macking on Sidney ‘The Next One’ Crosby.” He pulled away and stared at her. “Would it be such a problem if people knew about us?” he asked seriously. “You know how I feel about that Sid…” Riley said as she walked towards her car. “No I don’t. I don’t understand why it would be such a problem if people knew.” He said looking slightly hurt. “Your teammates know, Mario knows, close friends know. People know, just not everybody.” Riley said as she put her bag in her car. Sidney just looked at her with an expression like he was expecting more of a reason. “Look, we’ll talk about it later. But for now, we’re both going to be late if we don’t leave.” She said as she got into her car.

Riley walked into the tall office building with a great deal of butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Paul usually never called anyone in for a brief meeting; he wasn’t that kind of boss. But as soon as the elevator doors opened to the fourth floor she wiped her nervous expression right off her face and replaced it with a happy, confident one.

“Miss Jacobs,” Paul said in a strictly business tone.

“Good morning, Mr. Patterson.” Riley replied, trying her best to sound confident.

“Please, have a seat.” He said motioning towards the empty chair. Riley sat down as nervousness overtook all of her emotions.

“Now,” Paul started in a stern tone, “I am going to keep this short and sweet,” he said looking directly into Riley’s eyes. “I have heard from some people that all of your work that I thought was spectacular isn’t as great as I was led to believe,” he finished off in the same strict tone.

“What do you mean?” Riley asked, trying to cover her nervousness.

“What I mean is that I found out that you plagiarized the information about the Penguins, therefore, your services as Montgomery-Review are no longer needed.” He said with a stone cold expression to match his monotone voice.

“Wh- what? I- I never copied it, I wrote it all. What?” Riley stuttered. She couldn’t believe what this man had just said.

“Don’t argue with me Miss Jacobs. I saw with my own eyes someone with the exact same work as you and I hired him myself before I hired you,” he said, his patience decreasing at a rapid pace.

“But I thought no one else worked with the Penguins but me,” she said as tears began to cloud her vision. She would not cry though, she had to show her strength.

Just then there was a knock on the door but Riley just looked straight and ignored it. Paul on the other hand instantly changed his tone from stone cold to joyful. “Ah, Mr. Orson, how are you?” The other man, Mr. Orson, replied but Riley was too lost in her own thoughts to pay much attention. “You’re free to leave Miss Jacobs. But on your way out please hand over the materials the company supplied you with to Leslie at the front desk will you, your replacement will need it.” Paul said suddenly sweetly from the door. Riley mumbled a ‘yeah’ from her seat.

It took Riley a minute or two to recollect her thoughts before she got up. As she turned around her jaw dropped when she saw who was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face. “Cooper?”

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter Sixteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Sixteen.

“So I have practice, I’ll be back around two,” Sidney said as he put his black trench coat on.

“Alright, I have to head into the office today anyway,” Riley said as she walked over to kiss him goodbye.

She had already stopped in a few times seeing as it was now early November. The hockey season had already begun and the Penguins were off to a great start. Riley had to go in to talk to Paul since she had missed it last time due to illness. Thankfully though, someone who applied for a position at MR Sports gladly filled in for her.

“Ah Miss Jacobs, feeling better?” Paul asked as Riley walked into Paul’s office.

“Yes, much, but the good news is that I got a lot of work done,” she replied as she sat down.

“Oh I’m sure you did.”

She continued to show him what she had written, but he seemed quite unimpressed with her writing. He didn’t say anything about not liking it but Riley could sense it by his facial expression.

As she walked out of the building and to her car all she could think about was why Paul had looked bored during her mini presentation. She had thought that she had done a good job on it.

“Hey Rye!” Cooper called as Riley walked up to her door.

“Oh hey,”

“So uh, what are you doing for the rest of the day?” he asked coming a little too close for Riley’s comfort.

“I don’t really have anything planned at the moment…” she said as she opened the door.

“Well do you mind if I hang around with you for a bit?” he asked, inviting himself in.

“No, not at all…” she replied somewhat unsure about her decision.


Sidney would be home in an hour, so Riley could use some company. As much as she would rather sit on the couch alone and watch TV in her sweats, she did enjoy his company. “Could I have something to drink?” Cooper asked when they got in the living room. “Yeah sure, what would you like?” Riley asked as she stood up to walk into the kitchen. “Uh, water’s fine.”

While Riley was in the kitchen getting Cooper a drink he flipped open her laptop that she had placed on the coffee table and opened the document titled ‘A Year with the Penguins!’ He then copied it onto an email document and sent himself a copy of Riley’s work.

“Hey babe,” Sidney said as he sat down next to Riley on the couch.

“Hey, how was practice?” she asked as he pulled her close to him.

“It was good, you know the usual, skating, passing, and shooting drills.” He concluded.

They sat there talking about their morning festivities as they were cuddled up with each other. This is what Riley had missed, Sidney going on and on about certain plays and all of his hockey talk - even though she didn’t understand a thing about hockey. She enjoyed the time she spent with him.

As Sidney rambled on and on Riley felt a feeling that she had never experienced before, contentment. She felt like everything was in its place and that everyone was where they belonged. She would never admit to Sidney that in Australia, before the surfing incident, she had second thoughts about leaving Rimouski and Sidney. When she was with him as a teen, they were forever having an enjoyable time. Laughing, joking around, and goofing off were what they did most of the time. One thought had been bouncing around in her mind for a little while, had playing in the NHL for three full seasons changed Sidney?

Another question that her self-debate had touched on a few times before was did she love, like actually love him? When they were sixteen and seventeen they had said to each other – like many teenaged couples – ‘I love you’, being in Australia for four years had changed Riley’s opinion on just about everything, including her take on love. Did she really love Sidney Crosby?

“Were you even listening to me?” Sidney asked, sucking Riley out of her thoughts.

“Huh… oh yeah, totally,” she said as she re-entered reality.

"No you weren’t, you were thinking about something… something important,” he said, looking deeply in to her eyes.

“What do you think love is?” Riley asked bluntly.


"What do you consider to be love?” She asked completely serious. He noticed this and his grip around her waist tightened.

“Well, I think that love is when you meet someone and you can only think about them, when you put them before yourself, when nothing else in the world matters but them, when everything goes wrong and you feel like throwing your hands in the air and giving up… until you see them… when you see them everything seems to brighten, when no matter which way life takes you… you seem to run into them again and you’re just amazed by them…” Sidney said the last part as he looked directly into Riley’s peridot-coloured eyes. Riley was silent as she thought about every single word that had just come out of Sidney’s mouth.

“I love you Riley, I always have… and I always will,” he whispered in her ear.

“I love you too, Sid. I never stopped,” she said, barely audible.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Fifteen.

As they sat there talking and cuddling Riley had closed her eyes. When she opened them again she saw a man in the distance sitting on a bench watching them intently. When Riley saw this she stared for a few seconds then looked away.

“What time is it?”

“Five o’clock,” Sidney answered, looking at his watch.

“I’m getting tired, let’s go,” Riley said as she stood up.

“Alright,” Sidney said as he stood up beside her and grabbing her hand.

They walked back to Riley’s house hand in hand again. They continued to talk on the way home; surprisingly they still had things to talk about after talking for a few hours straight. When Riley and Sidney arrived at her house they were instantly greeted by Sachi. “Why didn’t we take him with us?” Sidney asked shaking his head while laughing.

“So for dinner, what do you want?” Riley asked as they walked into the light orange kitchen.

“Depends, are we ordering or actually cooking it?” Sidney asked as he wrapped his arms around Riley.

“Either one is fine. What do you want to do, cook or order in?” They both thought about it for a moment then answered at the same time, “Order in.”

“Chinese? Greek? Pizza? What do you want?” Riley asked using her hands as a weigh-scale.

“Hmm, I haven’t had pizza in a while,” Sidney said.

They ordered a Hawaiian pizza and it arrived half an hour later. They sat on the couch watching TV. After they finished their dinner they cleaned up and cuddled back up with each other on the couch. They got caught up in a random movie that was on and once it was over it was 11:45pm.

“Jeez, it’s late,” Sidney said looking at his watch.

“Yeah…” Riley started, “We better get to bed.”

“Alright,” Sidney said as a slow, sly grin spread across his lips.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up off of the couch and easily lifted her up into his arms, bridal style. “Uh Sid,” Riley said as she grabbed onto him for dear life. He responded by letting his lips crash down onto hers in a fiery kiss. He carried her to her room where he dropped her down on the bed. He climbed onto her kissing every inch of skin all the way up to her lips. They met in yet another fiery kiss. They slowly started to undress each other; tugging off her pants Sidney broke the kiss and said, “You just had to wear skinny jeans, didn’t you?”

Once they had stripped each other down into their underwear Sidney looked deep into Riley’s eyes and asked with complete seriousness, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Riley looked at him and responded with a smirk, “I was ready the first time, wasn’t I?” He looked at her and said, “Yeah, but it’s been four years. Are you sure you want to just jump back into… everything?” Riley looked at him and raised her right eyebrow, “Yeah, why do you think we’re going to fast?” When he didn’t respond for a few seconds Riley was just about ready to climb out from under him and put her clothes back on. He sensed this and a slow smile crept onto his face, “Are you kidding? I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now!” And so they continued on with their… activities.

The next morning they woke up and freshened up. As Riley walked out of shower she wrapped herself in a towel and walked into her bedroom to see Sidney already fully clothed and watching TV. “You’re not ready yet?” he whined seeing her in a yellow fluffy towel. “No because I had to wait for you to take your shower first,” she answered as she looked through her closet for something to wear. “Well you could’ve taken one with me,” he said as he walked up behind her. “Oh yeah, because that would save time,” Riley responded sarcastically. “Well hurry up then, because we’re going out for breakfast.”

They went to an IHOP that was nearby. The place was near empty so they took a table near a window. They ordered when the waitress came by and then started up a conversation.

“Why didn’t we just go to a Tim Horton’s?” Riley asked as the waitress brought over their breakfast.

“Because there aren’t many around,” Sidney said with a laugh.

“So you haven’t done anything about that yet, huh?”

“I’ve tried, believe me.” Sidney said as they ate their breakfast.

A few people had walked by the table and said hello to Sidney and some asked for autographs. Some of them looked at Riley strangely but she just smiled in return. She thought that she saw a man in the background writing something down but Sidney caught her attention when he squeezed her hand lightly.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter Fourteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Fourteen.

Riley awoke to a loud barking. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she heard Sidney trying to hush Sachi. Riley rolled out of bed and quickly glanced at the clock to see that it was 10:30am. She had clearly slept in.

“Morning,” Sidney said as he grimaced in pain.

“What’s wrong babe?” Riley asked, and then panicked. Babe? I did not just call him that... A goofy grin appeared on Sidney’s face then was quickly replaced with a look of pain.

“I kind of injured myself at practice…” he trailed off.

“How?” Riley asked with a loud sigh.

“Well, I was trying to nail a scoring move when my foot slipped and I pulled my groin,” he said
sheepishly. Riley burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny…” he whined.

“Sorry,” she muttered. She tried to contain her laughing but when she saw Sidney trying to sit down she cracked up again.

“Stop it!” he hollered from the living room. “What are we doing today?”

“I don’t know what do you want to do?” Riley asked as she made herself some breakfast.

“Staying here would be nice,”

Later Riley went to go get dressed, even though staying in her pyjamas was tempting she had to get dressed. As she was looking through her closet her cell phone went off. Spencer, Paul Patterson’s assistant was calling to tell her that she had to go in for a brief meeting about the assignment she was working on about the Penguins. She was told to be there in forty-five minutes, which was cutting it close but was possible. She was told to bring everything that she had written with her so she could present it to them.

Dressed in medium blue cowl-neck tunic, dark blue skinny jeans, 2 ½ inch heels, her lime green medium-sized purse, and her plaid trench coat, Riley headed out into the cool October weather. As she headed out the door she informed Sidney that she would be leaving for a short period of time, again. While she was walking down the steps to the driveway she ran into Cooper.
“Where are you headed?” he asked as he looked at her up and down.

“Oh I have to step into the office for a brief meeting,” she said quickly, trying to point out that she was in a hurry.

“Oh, well I don’t want to keep you then. But we should hang out again,” he said as he moved closer to Riley. Sidney was watching from the living room window and did not like what he saw.

“Yeah, sometime. But I really have to go now,” Riley said as she got into her car.

“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” Cooper said as Riley pulled out of the driveway.

She checked her reflection in the mirror in her car one more time before heading in to meet her boss. Her hair was looking good, down and curly. Her makeup done to perfection; deep purple eye shadow, black eyeliner, and a touch of lipstick to complete the look.

She walked into the seven story office building and made her way to the fourth floor. The building was new and everything in it was close to top of the line quality. Nice black granite tile floors and a sleek grey colour for the tall walls. There were modern yet elegant couches and chairs in the lobby. The elevators were a shiny gold colour, almost matching the colour of a gold wedding band perfectly.

As she walked to Paul’s office she said hello to several of the people who actually acknowledged her. When she knocked on the already open door she saw Spencer and Paul talking then turning to look at the young woman at the door.

“Ah, Miss Jacobs, you’re here.” The man, Paul, who was probably in his early forties said from his oh so comfortable office chair that only he was allowed to sit in.

“Mr. Patterson… Spencer.” Riley nodded towards both men.

“Why does he get called ‘Mr. Patterson’ and I just get Spencer?” The younger man, Spencer who was roughly in his mid twenties asked jokingly.

“Because I am the boss,” Mr. Patterson implied with a cocky grin.

Riley presented all of her information that she had gathered over the past three weeks and the two men seemed to be really impressed with how everything was going. The three of them went over the expectations of this special project of Riley’s until they were all on the same page. It was set that once every two weeks Riley would pop into the office to update everyone on everything and to receive news and/or updates on anything.

After being in the office for an hour and twenty minutes, Riley was finally able to leave. She packed up her things, said goodbye to her coworkers, and left. On the drive home she remembered about the fairly long dream that she had, but she pushed all of the thoughts about Australia and Toby out of her mind when she pulled in to her driveway parking beside Sidney’s silver Range Rover.

“Hey, I’m back,” she said as she took off her coat and hung it in the milk chocolate coloured closet.

“Hello, so who was that slug you were talking to when you were leaving?” he asked as he placed his arms gently around her waist.

“Who?” Riley asked as she turned around in his arms.

“That guy, he’s like your neighbour or something,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her sweetly on the lips.

“Oh, you mean Cooper?”

“Yeah that slug,” he said in a jealous tone.

“Oh don’t! He’s a nice guy,” Riley protested.

“He’s a slug.”

“Oh stop it, don’t call him that!” Riley said as she rolled her eyes and playfully hit Sidney on the arm.

“He is! I see the way he looks at you, complete and utter lust,” he said as he pulled her closer to

Riley let out a loud sigh and shook her head. She knew that Sidney would not give it up so she did. Deep down she did have an odd feeling about Cooper but let it slide. He was her neighbour and that would not be changing anytime soon. Just then Sachi came running in from the back door, taking Riley out of her thoughts. He came running at her holding his favourite toy, a white teddy bear. Riley would throw the toy in the air and Sachi would jump three feet to catch it. At first he would fall but he perfected it after multiple attempts.

After a while Riley was getting bored, she was desperate to get outside and relax. She asked Sidney if he wanted to go outside to a park nearby for the afternoon and at first he groaned but eventually agreed. He was dressed in blue jeans fit to perfection, a white tee with a black zip-up sweater overtop, running shoes, and over course the ever so popular black Reebok hat.

The park wasn't too far away so they decided to walk to it. As they walked hand in hand, they admired the developing neighbourhood that Riley resided in. The moment was almost perfect, minus the chilly breeze that would come by every now and then. Riley had a feeling, a feeling that someone was following them.

Sidney and Riley spotted a bench a little bit down the path in the beautiful park. The bench was across from a beautiful, large, circular fountain. For a small suburb it was a pretty big park. The grass was exceptionally green, the trees were healthy, the bicycle paths were clear and wide, and overall the park was definitely a relaxing spot.

Sidney pulled Riley close to him on the bench and put his arm around her waist as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter Thirteen

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Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Thirteen.

On July twenty-second Riley arrived in Sydney, Australia. Once she stepped outside she was in complete awe. It was so beautiful, it truly was paradise. She saw the nice, sandy beaches and then the water, oh the water. So blue, so clean, she couldn’t wait to swim in the water. But first she had to find her apartment. When she found the apartment she went up to the front desk to ask for her keys.

“Hello,” a woman who was in her mid 30’s said through a thick accent.

“Hi, I just got here and I was told that this is the place where I will be living.

“Alright, I’ll just need your name and some ID.” She said politely.

“Riley Jacobs,” she said as she pulled out her ID.

“Alright Miss Jacobs, just take the elevator on the left up to the eighth floor then you should find your room easily. Your room is room 885 it should be on your left when you exit the elevator.” The woman said. “Oh and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your neighbours!” she said cheerfully.

Riley spent the next few weeks unpacking and getting settled in. She had met her neighbours the first week and they were all around her age and there was this guy who she already had a tiny crush on. His name was Toby and he was originally from Sydney, Australia. He was tall, about 6’1, short blonde hair, icy blue eyes, nice build, basically the one person who could take Riley’s mind off of Sidney.

“So uh, I was wondering…” Toby said in his amazingly sexy accent. “Would you like to go out on a date with me?”

“Yes! I mean uh, sure.” Riley answered a little too excited.

“Great! So I’ll call you later, alright?” he said as he nodded his head towards her.

“Uh-huh.” Was all Riley could spit out.

They dated for a while and then eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. They seemed to get along really well; they both had a love for water. Toby loved, absolutely loved to surf, while Riley loved to just swim. She had taken surfing lessons one summer in Rimouski so she was able to kind of keep up with her boyfriend.

People were heading up to the shore line while Riley and Toby were a ways from it. They were in their own world and just having fun. They saw a wave coming in and decided that they were going to surf on that one, since it didn’t look too bad. As it came closer it got bigger and Riley had an uneasy feeling about it as she saw it gain in height. She looked at Toby for reassurance and he nodded, signalling that it was going to be fine. They stood up on their boards as the wave came towards them. Just then the wave split in two, Toby, being the one who grew up surfing knew how to handle the situation, where Riley, who didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do panicked. Before she could say anything the wave had gained even more strength and she lost her balance. The wave forced her under and her board up ahead of her. The waves came rushing back at a rapid speed from the shore – bringing her board along with it. The surfboard hit Riley right in the head, instantly knocking her out of consciousness.

She awoke a few hours later in a hospital room, alone. She didn’t understand why she was there and why her head hurt so much. She sat there pondering over her thoughts for fifteen minutes until a doctor came in.

“Hello, Miss Jacobs,” he said brightly.


“How are you?” he asked as he picked up her chart.

“Oh… I’ve been better,” she replied.

“I bet. Do you know why you’re sitting here, in a hospital bed?” he asked, seeing if her memory had been suffered during her little incident.

“Not really,” she said as her head started to hurt more than before.

“Alright, that’s expected. You did hit your head pretty hard,” he said slowly, letting it seep into her mind.

“I did?” Riley questioned.

“Yeah, do you want to know what happened?” he asked in a soft tone.


“Well, I take it as you went surfing with a young man by the name of Toby Lander?” he half asked.

“Alright,” Riley replied, wanting to know what else had happened.

“Well, you were surfing on this huge wave and it split into two waves, causing you to fall in between the two. Your board flew out from under you and then came rushing back at quite a forceful pace and basically hit you square in the head. You were knocked unconscious for three and a half hours.” He concluded, leaving Riley puzzled.

“Oh,” she said quietly.

“Do you remember any of this?”

“Honestly, I don’t really remember who Toby Lander is,” she said with a sigh.

“You should regain most of your memory back over the next week or two.” Dr. Thomas replied with a genuine smile.

Just as Riley was about to ask Dr. Thomas another question there was a knock on the door. There stood a young man and a young woman. The man being tall and quite good looking, Riley was mesmerized by his gorgeous blue eyes. The woman was shorter than he was; she was about 5’8. She had light brown hair with green eyes. Riley looked at them, completely confused. Dr. Thomas welcomed them in the room as he told Riley that he would check up on her later. The two young strangers took the seats near the bed.

“Hey Rye,” the woman said in a soft tone.

“Hi,” Riley replied with a shaky voice. She was on the verge of tears because she had no idea who anyone was or even who she really was.

“Do you remember us?” the young man said quietly.

Riley shook her head from side to side with a frown evident on her face. “I’m really sorry that I don’t know who you are…” Riley said, barely above a whisper.

“It’s alright, well then we might as well introduce ourselves. I’m Brooke and this is Toby,” she answered with a small smile.

“Oh hi,” Riley said with a smile. “So how exactly do I know you guys?”

“Well, we’re like best friends and Toby is… your boyfriend,” Brooke said as she hesitated at the end.