Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Twenty-Nine.

The sun shone in, illuminating the entire room. Riley stirred and eventually opened her eyes to the blinding light. She looked over to the clock and gaped when she saw that it was well after ten in the morning. She couldn’t remember the last time she had slept in that late. She rose; finding herself quite reenergized, and headed off into the bathroom for a shower.

Riley always enjoyed the feel of hot water running down her body. The heat always seemed to numb away aches and pains. And it helped ease people to relaxation. She stepped out of the glass shower and wrapped herself in a white cotton towel.

When she walked back out into the bedroom she saw that Sidney was still sleeping in the middle of the bed. She chose a light pink bra and black boy shorts for underwear. Seeing as it was Sunday, and with her new schedule Riley didn’t have to work weekends, she chose a simple purple track suit. She left her hair down, not bothering to dry it.

Riley hummed her way to the kitchen. Everything seemed to be working out. With a cup of coffee in hand Riley decided it was time to see if Sidney was up. If he wasn’t then she’d have to do the honours.

She watched him roll and flop from side to side, realizing that he was probably awake. “Sidney,” she cooed. He moved slightly then stopped. “Sid, it’s time to get up.”

His eyes opened and focused on Riley standing in the threshold, leaning up against the door frame with a white mug up to her smiling lips. He studied her for a few seconds longer and finally came to the conclusion that she was happy. Completely content. He hadn’t seen her look like that in forever. “Morning,” he croaked then cleared his throat. “You look well rested.”

She smiled as she walked over to lean on the dresser. “As do you,” she replied. Riley wanted this moment to last a lifetime. Just the two of them together, no disruptions, no friction and nowhere to be at certain times and places; this was serenity. This was what love and life combined together should be like.

Yes, everything was working out. But how long would it last? No one knew. How long would the peace last? How many more Sundays would there be of sleeping in and lounging around? Most importantly, how long would Riley and Sidney last? No one has those answers so there really isn’t a point in dwelling on the negative what-ifs when you can live happily in the positive present.

While Sidney showered Riley sat on the couch and flipped through the channels on TV. The phone rang and Riley danced her way over to the phone. She truly was in a good mood. Probably one of the best she’d ever been in.

“Hello?” she said politely.

“Hey Rye,” Kaylan’s voice rang through.

“Hey Kay, how’ve you been? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“I’m good, everything’s perfect.” Kaylan said in a silky voice.

“Oh? Perfect, huh? Do tell.” Riley said with a smile even though her friend couldn’t see it.

“Yeah, well, I’m getting married!” Kaylan, Riley’s best friend screeched.

Married?! Oh my god. Since when and is it to Jordan?” Riley asked excitedly.

“He asked last night and yes, it’s to Jordan. I’m marrying Jordan!” she said in an elated voice.

“Wow. Well congratulations to both you and Jordan.”

“Meet us at Famous Dave’s at noon; bring Sid and your brother and his fiancĂ©e.”

Ben and Kim were staying in Pittsburgh for a few more weeks while they went house hunting. Ben had some friends who lived in the area so they were currently staying with them. Since Riley didn’t know their home number she called his cell phone.

“Hello?” he sounded bored.

“Hi Ben,”

“Hey Rye, what’s up?” she smiled; he still treated her like a little kid; like his little sister.

“Are you free today at noon?”

“Probably, why?”

“Kay called and she wanted me to ask you if you and Kim are free to go out to Famous Dave’s for lunch.” She scowled jokingly when Sidney came in the room and took her coffee out of her hand, drinking most of it.

“Where are we going and why?” Sidney asked as he wrapped his arms around Riley.

“Shut up,” she hissed, then muttered a quick ‘not you’ to Ben.

“Okay, Kim and I will meet you guys at noon.” Ben said.

After hanging up Riley explained their plans to Sidney, to which he approved simply because he adored Jordan. When Riley would joke that he had a man crush on Jordan he would reply “I respect him because he has a good taste in sports and cars” Jordan was a long-time Penguins fan and frequently discussed cars with Sidney.

They planned to leave at 11:30 in order to make it to the restaurant for noon. Until then they used their time wisely by engaging in a make-out session.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Twenty-Eight.

While Sidney drove Riley wondered what he was doing. Where would they be going? Why? Just when you think that he’s predictable he goes and does something like this, Riley thought with a smile. She had already asked him a dozen times where they were going and all he did was look at her and smile. “Sid, where are we going?” Riley asked again.

He looked at her and gave her that poster boy smile. “You’ll see,” he said then drew his attention back to the road. He wasn’t going to tell her anything.

“So, you’re saying that I’m not allowed one teeny, tiny ounce of information even though I’m being good considering the fact that you’re kidnapping me?” Riley settled into a comfortable position.

“Pretty much.” After that there was silence. A content one, though. He enjoyed seeing the confusion on Riley’s face when they continued to drive farther and farther from their home. “Close your eyes,” Sidney said after they turned a corner. “And no peeking,” he added quickly.

Oh jeez, Riley thought but did as she was told. When the car stopped Riley’s heart started to race. She heard her door open and felt Sidney’s arms lift her off the seat and out of the car. But he didn’t put her down. “Sid, I can walk,” she said but wrapped her arms tighter around him.

“I know.”

They were seated in a quiet and private section of the restaurant. The lights were set to a low dim as candles were lit, setting the perfect romantic mood. The walls were covered with dark, seductive red wallpaper. The table had a lovely silk tablecloth over it in a shade of deep red. There were two tall candles lit in the centre of the table.

As Riley looked around and took in everything she possibly could of the room Sidney stared at her with intense eyes. “Do you approve?” he asked in a husky murmur, raising a brow.

Baffled, Riley tore her gaze away from the scenery to look at Sidney who sat across from her looking gorgeous. “Yeah, did you even have to ask?” The question was rhetorical, and they both knew it. Now, looking at him with more concentration, Riley realized that Sidney was wearing a dark suit. Black or dark blue, she couldn’t tell from the lighting. His gorgeous curls were gelled back, as usual.

Trying not to be obvious, Riley glanced down at herself. She couldn’t remember what she was wearing but hoped to God that she would look somewhat decent in her elegant surroundings. Good, she thought with relief. She was still in the clothes that she had worn to
work that morning.

Even though the weather had been chilly, Riley had worn a little black dress. The dress had a high neckline and a flattering draped front with a fitted bottom, the back was also low and open. With it, Riley wore silver open-toed high heels. [a picture of the dress here:]

A waiter came by with a bottle of expensive wine and placed it on the table. As Riley placed her hands neatly on the table, Sidney grabbed a hold of her left hand. Riley’s heart fluttered.

Awed and feeling like a fool, Riley looked up at Sidney with an embarrassed expression. “Sidney,” she began. “I have to ask – why did you do this?” She definitely felt like an idiot when he smiled at her and slightly cocked his head to the side.

“Riley, love, there are many reasons why I would take my beautiful girlfriend out to dinner. But there is a reason – or two – for why I picked tonight.” He paused, giving off the impression that he was pondering which reason to tell first. “Did you know that it has been exactly five months since I first asked you out?” When she raised her eyebrows in pure astonishment he let out a soft laugh. “No, I guess you didn’t,” still smiling he looked deeply into her eyes. “The other reason is because today is a day for celebrating love. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Oh God was the first thing that went through Riley’s mind. Valentine’s Day could not already be here. But it was, she realized. That would explain why there was so much red everywhere in the restaurant. “It’s Valentine’s Day?” Riley said absently. “Well shit. I totally forgot.”

He laughed and kissed her hand.

All throughout their mouth-watering meals Riley was mesmerized by this other side of Sidney she had only seen tidbits of before; the romantic side. He said some of the sweetest things she had ever heard, did things that awed her even more. She was hopelessly in love with Sidney Crosby.

As the evening started to come to a close a slow love song was played over the restaurant’s radio. Sidney stood and pulled Riley up along with him. He got the satisfaction of watching her eyes widen when he pulled her close to him and started to dance, slowly, romantically. “Now, I can’t dance so I’m hoping you’ll lead,” he murmured in her ear.

Riley merely nodded as a tear rolled down her cheek. This was not the Sidney who played hockey in the NHL for a living, this was not the Sidney who was outrageously boring on camera, this was not the Sidney who sat on the couch watching TV every day when Riley would come home from work, this was not the Sidney who teased her when he flipped on the channel for Sports Guide and Riley’s face popped up on the screen. No. No, this was the gushy Sidney, the one who could turn his strong, independent girlfriend into mush by showing that he truly cared for her by a few words and actions. And that’s just what he did when he whispered in her ear. “I love you.”

When they got back home the love and romance didn’t stop. Sidney gave Riley a single scarlet rose.

In the bedroom, Riley and Sidney rid each other of their clothes. Slowly Sidney lowered them to the bed where they remained locked at the lips, limbs entwined. Their hands roamed the other’s body as if this would be their last encounter.

Sidney trailed soft kisses down Riley’s neck, across her torso, stopping to suck her breast, and down her legs. He slid both his hands up her legs and stopped at her thighs, just shy of where she wanted them. Riley reached up to bring Sidney’s lips to her own. When they met the heat increased. He nibbled on her bottom lip and was aroused by her low moan.

His hands got to work, determined to bring her to climax. He kissed all over her face and neck, making every nerve in her body feels like a live wire. They rolled, fighting for control, when Sidney brought her to her first of many climaxes. Looking deeply into her eyes, he slipped inside of her causing her to gasp out in pleasure.

After bringing them both over the edge Sidney pulled Riley into his arms where they drifted off to a peaceful sleep.