Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chapter Twelve

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Twelve.

“Sidney, we missed you,” Trina, Sidney’s mom said as she gave him a big motherly hug. “I missed you too mum.” Sidney replied as he introduced Riley to the family. They all seemed nice and welcomed her into their home for a few days. Sidney showed her around the house and made sure to save the best part for last – the “rink” that his dad had made in the basement.

“This is where it all started,” Sidney said as he walked over to the area.

“It’s cute,” Riley said as Sidney gave her a strange look.

Riley spent four days with Sidney and his family before heading back to Rimouski. She liked it a lot in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and considered one day going back. Sidney would be spending a few more days with his family in Nova Scotia and would return to Rimouski on February twentieth.

On May seventeenth Sidney came back from a hockey tournament in which they placed second. “Hey you know what?” Sidney said as they walked to a park. “What?” Riley questioned back as she grabbed Sidney’s hand. “We’ve been dating for three months and two days,” he said with a smile. “I see you’ve been keeping track,” Riley said with a smile, she too had been keeping track but would not admit that to Sidney. “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t?” he asked with an eyebrow raised. “A normal one…”

On May twenty-second Sidney took Riley out to see a movie that had just come out, she didn’t find it interesting at all but made sure not to say anything because Sidney loved it. When Sidney was walking Riley to her door he leaned down and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Just as he was about to turn and leave Riley grabbed his arm and stopped him. “No one’s home,” she said seductively. “Wh-what?” Sidney stuttered. “I have the house to myself,” Riley said as she opened the door. Sidney had a confused expression plastered on his face. But before he could say anything Riley whispered in his ear, “Stay with me tonight,” his jaw dropped instantly. It took him a few seconds but he finally caught on to what Riley was implying. Then his lips crashed onto Riley’s in a rough kiss. He pushed her up against the front door and kissed along her jaw and then down her neck.

Riley led Sidney to her room as he pushed her lightly down on her bed. Riley tugged off Sidney’s shirt, as Sidney unbuttoned her black blouse. He threw it on the floor and climbed on top of her. He then pulled off her dark jeans, leaving her in only her underwear. Riley soon pulled off Sidney’s pants, not once breaking the passionate kiss. Just as Sidney was about to unclasp her bra he stopped and Riley looked up at him with confusion. “Are you sure?” he asked her, looking deep into her eyes. “Yeah, are you?” she replied with a smirk. He nodded and they continued with their passionate, memorable night.

On July seventh Riley received a letter from the University of Sydney in Australia. As soon as she saw who it was from her heart started to race, her mind was also racing at the thought of being accepted or at being rejected. “What are you holding, sweetie?” her mother Eliza asked. “A letter from the University of Sydney,” Riley replied. “Well open it!” her dad, Antoine said. “Alright,” Riley’s eyes moved from side to side at the speed of light as she read what the letter said. “Oh my gosh! I got it!” she screeched. “Congratulations!” her parents both said at the same time as they got up to hug her. “What’s going on?” Ben asked as he walked into the kitchen. “I got in to the University of Sydney!” Riley said, jumping up and down.

On July tenth Riley was sitting on her bed typing away a storm on her laptop when Sidney stormed in her room. Her parents were gone for the day with the rest of the family so she was home alone.

“Uh hi,” Riley said, surprised that Sidney was standing in front of her.

“When were you going to tell me?” he asked just below a shout.

“Tell you what?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” he said in a rude tone. This made Riley’s temper flare.

“Excuse me? Don’t you come into my house and demand that I tell you something when I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” Riley said sternly. She was never afraid to have her voice heard.

“When were you going to tell me that you were leaving, huh? When were you going to break it off with me? Why did I have to hear about you going to Australia from my teammates!” he shouted, obviously hurt but this was no way to confront her about it.

“I was going to tell you tomorrow, and hope to god that you would understand!” Riley exclaimed as she stood up.

“Sure you were…” he said sarcastically. Riley hated it when people used sarcasm with her when she was trying to be serious.

“What you don’t believe me?” she asked quickly.

“Oh no, I believe that you’re leaving. You want to know why?”

“Sure, why not.” she replied as she sat down.

“Because it’s for you, you get to move somewhere where you’ve always dreamed of leaving. You can start over and be who you want to be. You can forget about everything here and everyone here,” he said, his eyes burning into hers.

“You’re right it is for me. I am the one who got accepted and I don’t know why you are in such a bad mood about it! I thought you, of all people would be happy for me. Its university Sid, this is opening doors for me, why aren’t you happy for me?” Riley questioned, calming down slightly.

Sidney just shook his head, mumbled a few things, got up and left without saying goodbye. “It’s sad that it has to end this way!” Riley shouted from her room when she heard him walking down the stairs. He didn’t reply.


Aeryn said...

Wooo Hooo Awesome! I love how you are doing all the flash backs it really pieces everything together nicely. Can't wait to see what happens next. :D

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aww it was so sad how it ended for them the first time. I agree I like the flashbacks. I can`t wait to see what happens next.