Friday, September 12, 2008

Chapter Ten

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Ten.

They sat there on the couch for hours, at some points talking nonstop and at others sitting in complete silence. Everything had finally been put out there in the open and they both felt like two huge weights were lifted off of their shoulders. During one of their silent moments Riley leaned back, wrapped in Sidney’s arms and she closed her eyes. Then she asked, “So now that we’ve cleared the air... what exactly are we?” Sidney tightened his grip on her and said in a calm voice, “Whatever you want us to be,” Riley looked at him with a huge a smile and gently kissed his lips. She then said, “How about we give the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing another shot,” Sidney smiled and pulled her in for another sweet kiss. “I’d like that,”

Sidney spent another hour or two at Riley’s house before heading back to the Lemieux’s house. Yes, Sidney still hadn’t found his own place, but he swore that this was the year. Riley went to bed shortly after.

The next day Riley woke up to her phone buzzing ridiculously loud. She stumbled over to it and saw that she had a new text from Sidney, ‘Up for our coffee ritual?’ Riley smiled then frowned when she saw the time. ‘Yeah sure, but can I ask you something, why are you up so damn early?’ she put her phone down and walked to her closet to pick something to wear. She raced over to her phone when it started to buzz off the table again. She flipped it open and the message from Sidney read: ‘Great! I had to do some early media stuff…’ Riley continued to message Sidney as she got ready.

When Riley walked into the coffee shop she was immediately met by Sidney as he embraced her in a massive hug. They then made their way to a table. The whole time they talked Riley and Sidney both had huge smiles on, happy that they had made up and finally - after four years - had cleared the air.

“So what are you doing after work today?” Sidney asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Well I have a few errands to run, but other than that, nothing really,”

“Alright, do you want to do something then?” Sidney asked.

“How about you come over to my place after,” Riley suggested.


The work day flew by for Riley, which was obviously a good thing. After the practice she got into her car and made her way to the animal shelter. She had previously bought a dog who was a only a year old and was badly abused. Riley fell in love with this beautiful Doberman when she first saw him a week ago. His name was originally Burger but Riley decided to name him Sachiko. The name is originally a female Japanese name but he wouldn’t know the difference.

Riley brought him home, along with some toys and all the other dog necessities. Sachi didn’t trust many people because of his past, which was understandable. He mainly didn’t trust men, so that would be a challenge for Riley. He was an aggressive dog at times which turned a lot of people off him, but Riley saw the softer side of him. The side that could be affectionate, when Riley first saw him she asked if he could be let out of the cage so she could get a better look at him. The two simultaneously had some sort of bond that Sachi had only had with her.

“What is that?” Sidney asked instantly as he entered Riley’s house.

“This is Sachi, I adopted him,” Riley replied with a proud smile.

“Why?” Sidney asked cautiously.

“Because I felt bad for the poor thing, and we have a special bond.”

“Alright, you do know that dogs are a lot of work, right?” Sidney asked as he walked over to the couch where Sachi was laying down.

“Yup. And that’s why you are going to help me take care of him,” Riley replied as she sat down next to Sidney. Sachi instantly came and sat next to her.

“I’m what?” Sidney asked looking at Riley, completely shocked.

“Well you are always over here and he could be like our baby,” Riley said. At the sound of ‘our baby’ Sidney’s eyes widened.

Things were a little awkward after that but Riley didn’t notice – she always referred to animals as her ‘babies’ but Sidney on the other hand was a little shocked at the term. They spent the rest of the evening talking and playing with Sachi. Sidney soon saw the nice, affectionate side of Sachi and for once in a very long time, Sachi trusted a man.

It was getting late, around one am or so when they noticed the time. “I better go…” Sidney said as he stood up and stretched. “You don’t have to…” Riley said quietly but loud enough that it was audible. Sidney gave her a questioning look but Riley responded with a reassuring smile. “Are you sure?” Sidney asked slowly. “Yeah, it’s late and I’d feel bad making you drive home at this hour,” Riley said as she stood up alongside Sidney. “Oh so it’s not because of your infatuation with me?” Sidney questioned playfully. “No,” Riley replied sternly, waiting for Sidney’s surprised reaction, and then she cracked a smile.

Riley grabbed Sidney’s hand and led him to her bedroom as Sachi followed behind. Sidney stripped down into his boxers, causing Riley to stare at his amazing body. Riley changed into a pair of red short-shorts and a graphic t-shirt that said ‘I’m a tough cookie’ she then made her way over to her bed. “Tough cookie, eh?” Sidney said with a smirk. “Yup,” Riley replied with a smile as she lay down next to Sidney. Riley cuddled up with Sidney and rested her head on his chest. Just as they were ready to turn out the lights Sachi jumped up on the bed and rested his head on Riley’s legs.

All three of them quickly drifted off to sleep and Riley had a dream about her past. Her dream consisted of her time before Sidney, with Sidney as a teen and her time in Australia, and all the events that occurred.


Lauren said...

Cute - I loved Sid's reaction when she talked about their "baby" lol!
More soon, please! I can't wait to see what happens with their relationship now that they've cleared the air...

Tay Tay said...

haha, I agree with Lauren. The "baby" thing was hilarious! Can't wait to see what kind of events she dreamed about... please update soon!

Aeryn said...

Adorable! I love the dog thing, dobermans are great dogs. They look scary, but their just big sweethearts. Can't wait for more.

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

So I fell a little behind in my reading haha. But I agree I loved the "baby" part. I`m glad that they`re back together & I can`t wait to see what happens next.

Kimmy said...

Thats a cute reaction that sid gave when she talked about their "baby"

More Soon!!