Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Two

Sorry it took a little while to post, I am currently swamped in assignments, ISU's, homework, and an essay on top of that [I'm taking the academic or 'advanced' courses so that's why I've got so much]. I'm trying to write and post as much as possible but be patient because like I said, I'm swamped in school work. Thank you for your lovely comments, and just so you know I am open to constructive criticism. =]


Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Twenty-Two.

Sidney had moved back in with Riley and they were trying to work everything out. The guys had begun to win a few more games but they still weren’t where they wanted to be and making the playoffs was their main goal. Generally Riley and Sidney were happy; things were back to where they should be.

“Come to the game tonight, we’re playing Toronto,” Sidney said while Riley was sketching out some more details on the new room design.

“Well that was random.”

“I know, but come, please,” he begged with the puppy eyes.

“I don’t have a ticket stupid!” Riley said in a ‘duh’ tone.

“You’re dating the captain, stupid!” Sidney said mocking her tone.

On the way to the rink Riley turned up the music when one of her favourite songs came on. She started dancing in her seat and singing along with every line, causing Sidney to break out into laughter. They got to the spot where this one guy waits every time. Sidney had told her about it before and she didn’t believe him at all. This was the first time she had actually witnessed it. “Here he is,” Sidney said as he slowed down. “Oh my god, you weren’t kidding.” Riley said as he rolled down the window. “Is this your girlfriend, Sid?” the guy asked loudly. “Yeah,” Sidney said, “Damn she’s hot!” the guy hollered; Riley burst out laughing.

They got to the arena and walked in together, hand in hand. No one was really there yet so Riley walked into the locker room with Sidney. They sat down on the bench in front of Sidney’s stall. Sidney kissed her and pulled her onto his lap. They sat there lost in their own intimate world that they didn’t hear the door open.
“RILEY, OH MY GOD WE THOUGHT YOU DIED! DON’T JUST LEAVE LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!” Marc and Max shouted as they rushed over to her.

The rest of the guys had a similar reaction as Marc and Max did when they walked into the locker room. The room started to fill up quickly so Riley told Sidney that she would make her way to her seat. Sidney followed her out of the room and into the hallway. He pushed her up against the wall and started to kiss his way down her neck, then back up to her lips, his hands roaming. They were interrupted by a man clearing his throat, looking up they saw that it was the one and only Mario Lemieux.

“Sid,” Mario greeted with a smirk.

“Heyyy Mario,” Sidney said. “Riley this is Mario Lemieux, Mario this is my girlfriend Riley.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said extending his hand.

“You too,” Riley said shaking his hand firmly.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Mario asked Sidney.

“Yeah I was just telling Rye where her seat is…”

“Oh I’m sure you were.” Mario said with a laugh.

After that Sidney went into the locker room to get dressed and Riley made her way to her seat. She found out that she would be sitting with the rest of the girlfriends/wives. She got along fairly well with them, her favourite though was Vero. She was very welcoming and naturally a genuine person.

The guys got on the ice for their warm ups and Riley continued to talk with the girls. When she would look down at the ice she would catch Sidney’s glance the odd time. Other than that, he was a pretty focused boy. “Predictions?” Vero asked filling the empty silence. “5-2 Pens,” “5-4 Pens,” “6-1 Pens,” were what the ladies shouted out.

The game was a nail biter with the Pens opening the scoring in the first three minutes with a beautiful goal by Max. Then they netted another one courtesy of Geno, and then the Leafs got on the board thanks to Jason Blake, then a few minutes later Alex Steen scored. The Penguins won it 6-4 goals by Max, Geno, Jordan, Sidney, Kris, and Tyler. Once the final buzzer sounded Riley got up and headed down to the locker room with Vero and the other girls. Sidney was, of course, one of the last one’s out of the room.

“Ready to go home?” he asked as he leaned down to kiss Riley’s forehead.

“Didn’t you want to go and celebrate with the guys?” Riley asked confused.

“Nah, I’d rather go home tonight,” he said, grabbing her hand and leading her out the door.


Once they got home Riley decided that it was best to not ask Sidney why he didn’t want to go and celebrate with the guys. She went and sat on the couch while he changed. After a few minutes Sidney joined her in the living room.

“So what did you do while we weren’t speaking to each other?” Sidney asked, bringing up a topic that Riley would prefer to forget about.

“I basically just looked for a job then I found the one that I have now. I’ve mostly been working and hanging out with some friends,” Riley replied. “What about you?”

“I’ve been busy with the team and stuff,” he answered.

“So what are you doing tomorrow?” Riley asked on a brighter note.

“We leave for Ottawa,” Sidney answered simply.

“Okay, kick Heatley’s ass for me.” Riley said with a laugh.

Sidney left the next morning before Riley had even woken up, but he was kind enough to leave her a note of when they would be playing, when they’d be at practice, and when they’d be leaving Ottawa.

She headed out later that day to do some Christmas shopping. The malls were packed with people, creating extra stress for Riley. She was already stumped on what to get the boy that has everything he’ll ever need, plus the fact that when he wants something he can get it almost by the snap of his fingers.


mrsjordanstaal11 said...

I completely understnading about being busy. I hope everything is going well with school.

As for the story, as always, great chapter. I`m so glad that they`re back together and I loved Marc and Max's reactions. I can`t wait to see what happens next.

Oh and if you have time chapter 48 is up and I would love to know what you think.

gilld22 said...

I am so glad you found time for a chapter, as always it is very good.

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I loved the chapter.
Glad they are back together!!

More when ya can post some!!

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As always, amazing.
What more can be said other than that I can't wait for the next chapter lol.

Roxy said...

"Kick Heatley's ass for me"

I burst out laughing when I read this, and I'm not too sure why.

Probably because I'm a Sens fan.

Great story so far!