Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chapter Nineteen

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Nineteen.

The next day the Penguins had a game against the Buffalo Sabres. Sidney was at practice before Riley had even woken up; he had left her a note explaining that he had to get to the arena early for more practice. Riley just shook her head thinking about how crazy and dedicated this boy was to hockey.

She had her breakfast then stepped outside to get the mail and newspaper. Once inside, she opened the newspaper up to the sports section. She always liked to see what her former coworkers had been up to. The title on the front page was written in large black letters. ‘Sidney’s Secret Spilled’ and under it there was a picture of Sidney and Riley looking pretty cozy in the park. As she flipped the pages she saw several more pictures of Sidney and Riley; some of them they were holding hands, some they were hugging, and some they were sharing a kiss. She began to read the article it starting off as, “All you ladies out there who adore Penguins’ Captain Sidney Crosby, you’re not alone. Sid the Kid has a lucky lady in his life and it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere, anytime soon. So attention to all the bleach blonde barbies step aside, Sidney likes natural, educated women. Riley Jacobs, a former Penguins journalist and ‘The Next One’ have reportedly been dating for the past several months. Maybe that’s why he’s been on an impressive scoring streak…” The article went on to describe all of their public outings and such. Riley was shocked, not only does this man steal her job he portrayed her picture and personal life to everyone.

Riley now felt like this was all one big bad dream. How would she get a job as a sports journalist now? Everyone would now know that she was dating one of the NHL’s star players; and it’s not like she could just deny it – the article had the pictures to prove it. Her head was spinning and her mind was racing. Sidney would be back from the morning skate any minute so she decided to wait and tell him about the article that is if he didn’t already know.

Looking out the window, she saw Sidney pull up in his silver Range Rover. He walked up to the door and opened it. When she was home throughout the day Riley usually kept the door unlocked knowing that friends would pop in and out randomly. He walked into the kitchen to get a drink, saying hello to Riley on his way. After doing so he made his way over to Riley in the living room.

“How are you?” he asked, putting his arm around her.

“I’m alright, but I want to show you something…” she said as she reached over and took the newspaper off of the glass coffee table.

“Alright…” Sidney said with some confusion.

“Here’s Cooper’s first article!” Riley said, purposely acting horrible at being excited.

Sidney sat there reading the article, Riley tried to tell what he thought about it by his facial expressions but he showed none whatsoever. She sat there watching his eyes quickly moving from left to right as he read the article as quick as he could comprehend it. After he finished the article he placed the paper down on the table, still not saying a word and remaining that stone cold, emotionless expression. Riley sat there, staring at him intently. She didn’t want to say anything but the silence was killing her. Sidney then, after a little while of painful silence, spoke up.

“Well…” was all he said. Riley looked at him wanting him to say more. “What do you think of it?” he asked wanting to make sure he knew what she thought before he said anything.

“You really want to know what I think.” Riley said quickly, she was about to explode and Sidney had a look as if he were expecting it to be huge.

“I… I think that…” she stuttered as Sidney looked absolutely horrified for what was about to occur. “I think that you should confirm our relationship.” He sat there for a few seconds looking confused as ever.

“You do?” he asked timidly.

“Yeah, I mean how could we deny it now? That is if you want to tell people.”

“You’re sure that you know what’s going to happen when I say that you’re my girlfriend, right? There will be people that won’t like you and they might give you a hard time and…” he said but Riley cut him off.

“Sid I know. I can stick up for myself you know,” she said.

“I know you can and that’s one of the many reasons of why I love you. It’s just… some people are going to be jealous and I don’t want to cause you any problems,” he said sincerely.

“Sid, you’ve already caused a lot of problems for me,” she paused looking at his expression. It was like he was trying to apologize with his eyes, “I’m sure I can take whatever else your crazy life is going throw at me.” She concluded with a smile.

“Alright, I just hope you’re prepared for what’s to come…”

Soon after Sidney had to head out again to do some interviews, he had three booked for the day, which in the end, took up most of his ‘free time’. In each of them Sidney was his usual boring, lifeless self except when he was asked if he had a girlfriend or not.

“So Sid, do you have a girlfriend?” One of the reporters asked.

“Yes I do actually,” he replied, a little bit of life evolving within him.

“Oh really, care to share some details?” He asked, clearly surprised by Sidney’s previous response.

“Her name is Riley and that is all I am willing to share.” Sidney replied, losing what little life he had gained but remaining that famous smile.

“Alright fair enough, but just answer this, is she pretty?” the guy asked, raising his right brow.

“She’s gorgeous.”


mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Cooper is such an asshole, how could be do that?!

I`m sure something good will become of this, Sid & Riley can make it through.

Can`t wait for more, and chapter 47 of Staal is up if you want to check it out.

carr. said...

aww, i really love when the reporter asks him if she's pretty and he says she's gorgeous.
i can see him doing that.
so cute.<3
can't wait for another update.

Lexie said...

awwwww! I love the end and how he says that she is gorgeous!. Can't wait to see what happens next and how the media will either make or break their relationship!


Lauren said...

Cooper = douche bag.

Sidney = super adorable. Can I have one, please?