Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chapter One

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter One.

“Congratulations Miss Jacobs!” Paul Patterson, the head of Montgomery-Review a new sports magazine said as he congratulated Riley Jacobs on her new position at MR Sports. She would be one of the three head hockey journalists.

Riley was twenty-two years of age and had just moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after graduating from the University of Sydney in Australia. She had spent four years in Australia studying English so she could one day be a journalist. Riley was born and raised in Rimouski, Quebec. This was her dream job, something that she had worked hard for, for numerous years. She grew up liking the Montreal Canadiens but was never a die-hard fan that is until she was seventeen-years-old. She started dating a guy who was one year younger than she was; he played for their midget team, Rimouski Oceanic. She worked as a lifeguard at the local pool in Rimouski.

“Miss Jacobs, you will mainly focus on interviewing the members and staff of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Meaning your job consists of being at every home and away game and their practices, you start your job tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of their training, so you will ask them the basic questions and such. We will get you acquainted with everyone before hand so no need to worry about that.” Paul continued as he was handing her a continental notepad. He went on to explain the hours and handed her the Penguins schedule.

“Thank you so much Mr. Patterson, this is everything I’ve ever wanted,” she said politely through her thick Australian accent that she had developed during her years in Sydney.

She went home later that day to do more research on the Penguins. She had just bought a townhouse in a quiet suburb just outside of the city. She chose the one on the end so she could have one less neighbour and a side yard. Riley had moved in to her townhouse a week ago. Her neighbour, Kaylan Penton was twenty-three years of age and worked as a nurse at the hospital in downtown Pittsburgh. They got along well from the start and they talk with each other usually once a day.

The next day Riley woke up early and wasted no time getting ready. Since it was mid September she dressed in an appropriate skirt, V-neck shirt, and black flat shoes. She was five-foot seven so no real need for heels. Riley put her hair up in a neat ponytail and did some light make-up. She drove her brand new silver Mustang GT to the place where the guys would be training.

“Good morning Miss Jacobs,” Paul greeted her warmly.

“Good morning Mr. Patterson.”

“Excited?” he asked hopefully.

“And nervous.” She replied through her thick accent.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We hired you for a reason,” he said sweetly.

They conversed for a few more minutes until he said, “Let’s go meet the guys!” She was introduced to the staff first and then the guys. All the guys were lined up for their next drill. Their training was all outdoors for the remainder of that week. All the guys dressed in shorts and t-shirts. “Guys this is the new reporter, Riley Jacobs,” Paul said as he looked at Riley. He then introduced her to all the guys, one by one. “…and this is the Penguins’ captain, Sidney Crosby.” Paul said as he motioned to the young man who looked all too familiar.

“Nice to meet you,” Sidney said extending his hand.

“Likewise,” she said shaking his hand firmly.

She continued to watch them train as she tried to figure out why the gorgeous captain looked familiar. “Hey Riley, do you have plans for lunch?” one of the guys, Colby Armstrong asked as he sat down next to her on the bleachers.

“No,” she replied politely.

“Well a bunch of us are going out, do you wanna come with us?” he asked happily.

“Sure,” she said.

“So tell us about yourself.” Jordan Staal said once they were seated at a fairly large table.

“What do you want to know?” She questioned, again in her strong accent.

“Well how about we start with that accent of yours.” Sidney said with a smile.

“Oh, I went to the University of Sydney in Australia to study English.” She replied with a slight blush.

“Are you originally from Australia?” Marc-André Fleury asked in his French Canadian accent.

“No, I’m originally from Quebec,” she replied with a smile.

She went on to tell them more about herself as the continued with their questions. For the rest of the lunch they just talked about random things, favourite movies, least favourite cars, and so on. They went back to the Penguins training camp when their lunch break was over. She sat there, in the bleachers until the end of their training. As she was leaving one of the guys came up behind her.

“Hey Riley,” she heard.

When she turned around she saw Sidney walking up behind her. “Yes,” she said with a smile.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow night?” he asked looking into her green eyes.

“Not that I know of,” she said.

“Would you like to go to dinner with me then?” he asked cutely.

“I’d love to.”


Mel said...

I LUVD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

SparklyPurple16 said...

Ooh thank you! Just a reminder, if you see a we, us, I, me, or any of those (I forget what they're called) and they're not in a quotation, it's supposed to be they, them, sort of thing.

I'm not really used to writing as a narrator. I really enjoy writing this story so that's a good thing.=] I have five chapters already written so I will hopefully post sometime soon. Just to let you know, Saturday, August 23rd I will not be posting, because it's my birthday!=] yay!

Mel said...

Oh thts cool mine birthday was on the 6th lol...happy almost bday and hope 2 c the new chapters soon

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i like where this story is going!
can't wait for another update.
and happy almost birthday lol!

Anonymous said...

Too abruptly done and badly written