Monday, August 25, 2008

Chapter Four

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter four.

About halfway through the movie, Riley was petrified. She had seen the movie three times and was still scared. She clutched onto Sidney during one of the scary scenes. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to his body. At the part where the little girl is trapped in the motor home Riley turned her head and rested her face in Sidney’s shoulder. Once she did this he grabbed a hold of her legs and placed them across his lap, so in a way she was on his lap.

Once the movie was over Riley asked, with her face still hidden in Sidney’s shoulder,

“Is it over?” her voice was a little muffled but he still heard her.

“Yeah, it’s over,” he said with a laugh.

She then looked up at Sidney as he looked down at her.

‘Where do I know him from?’ Riley questioned inside her head as she was staring at Sidney, the 21-year old boy whom she had only known for several days.

‘She looks so familiar!’ Sidney thought.

“Since it’s early, tell me about yourself,” Riley said still sitting in the same position.

“Okay, I was born in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia...” he started.

‘Cole Harbour? Who do I know from there?’ Riley questioned in her head.

“I moved to Minnesota for a year when I was fifteen,” he said as he pulled Riley in closer to him.

“Did you go to Shattuck-Saint Mary’s?”

“Yeah I, I did.”Sidney stuttered.

“Oh,” Riley said nodding her head.

“Riley,” Sidney said quietly.

“Sidney,” Riley replied, barely audible.

When Sidney didn’t reply, Riley looked up at him, only to see him staring down at her. She gave him a questioning look quickly until she lost her train of thought when she made eye contact with him.

Sidney leaned in slowly and gently kissed her lips. When they both pulled away there were a few seconds of complete silence. They both were at complete bliss.

“Riley?” Sidney finally said.

“Yeah,” Riley replied, still trying to register what had just happened.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Sidney asked.

“Yeah,” she replied with a smile.

Their lips met, yet again after she gave him the answer he was hoping for.

They spent another hour getting to know more and more about each other until Sidney had to leave. When he left Riley pulled out her laptop and started reading more about Pittsburgh and its beloved hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. She then decided to read more on the Penguins’ captain, Sidney Crosby. She was reading the list of teams he played for when she noticed the Rimouski Oceanic was mentioned twice. Sidney had already told her that but he didn’t tell her what years he had played.

Hmm, 2003-2004, I must’ve known him,” Riley said aloud.

She let her curiosity have the best of her, she went and searched through her pictures from 2003-2004. ‘Ah, here they are!’ she thought as she opened the file titled Rimouski Boys’ she searched through the pictures knowing that there had to be at least one of her and her beau at the time. She was quickly skipping through mass amounts of pictures when she gasped out loud.

“Impossible..” Riley breathed.

The next morning she groaned at the sound of her alarm clock going off. She hadn’t gotten much sleep; she had stayed up until 2:45am looking at all her pictures from 2003-2004. She finally got out of bed when she heard her phone beep. It was a text from Sidney, ‘You coming? I have to tell you something.’ Riley jumped into the shower then got dressed, anxious for what Sidney had to tell her.


Mel said...

i wanna know wat he tells her!!!! update soon!

Lauren said...

I wanna know too! And I can't wait till she tells her she figured out how they know each other!