Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chapter Thirty-One

Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Thirty-One

She arrived at the end of the practice. A few of the guys had already left, while some were still in the showers. Riley decided to sit for an extra few minutes in the stands knowing that Sidney would be near last to leave. She was sitting there letting her thoughts wander when she heard someone sit down next to her.

“Hey,” Kris Letang said.

“Hey Kris,” she said, her face lighting up. “How are you?”

“I’m good, how about you?” Kris and Riley had always gotten along together well. “I haven’t seen you around at practice in forever.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” she said with a short laugh. “I forgot how much I miss it.”

“Yeah, there’s never a dull moment at one of our practices,” he smiled when she slid a curious glance at him. “Today, for example, Max skated from one end at full speed, dove, and crashed into the boards. He said it was a hell of a ride.”

Once Kris left, Riley made her way towards the dressing room. She crossed paths with Hal Gill on her way and he told her that only Sidney and Max were left and that she could go on in. And that’s just what she did.

As soon as she opened the door she heard laughter. Max was explaining his exhilarating expedition to Sidney, who laughed at his team mate and good friend. As she got a little closer she could see Max acting it out.

Then Sidney looked over.

“Hey babe,” he said as he walked over to Riley.

“Hey,” she said as he embraced her in a hug.

“You didn’t mention that you were going to drop by.”

“I didn’t think I’d have time to,” she pressed her smiling lips to his. “Hi Max,” she said as they pulled away. Max was standing next to her and Sidney, wearing a smirk. He had done one of those fake, awkward coughs when Riley and Sidney kissed.

“Why don’t you two go have sex in the showers?” Max seemed to be joking.

“Well… I was planning on it, but it would be rude since you’re still in the room,” Sidney replied in a voice that sounded like he meant it.

“I could always leave… or join.” Max stayed straight-faced while Sidney’s eyes popped open wide. Riley had to muffle a laugh with a loud cough.

“Seriously?” Obviously caught off guard, Sidney stuttered for a response.

“Yeah,” Max said easily. “You know, I’ve always wanted to—”

“Err, Max, I really don’t want to know.” As Riley said this she patted him on the arm.

“I see. I’ve got to go, I’ve got a date in ten minutes,” Max said as he picked up his phone off the bench.

“Have fun,” Sidney called after him. He then turned to Riley, “I wasn’t kidding about before,” he then pressed his lips to hers. “I really do want you,” he murmured against her neck, “now.”

Later that day, Riley and Sidney sat in the living room watching TV while eating pizza.
The pizza had arrived as soon as they got in. They had decided to take an evening stroll and ended up at the park.

While there, Riley saw a puppy and awed about it to Sidney. She wanted another puppy after Sachi had to be put down because his internal organs were too damaged to function properly. He had lived another few months after being brutally abused and Riley was satisfied that he ended his life in happiness. For once in his short life, he was safe.

They walked back home, hand in hand, while the sun was setting. They tried to jump ahead of their shadows on the sidewalk but failed miserably.

Once home, they settled into bed and it was another hour or so before they actually fell asleep.


Caitlin said...

yay another update! Great chapter as usual, but I was sad about their dog dying. Post more soon!

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

I love your writing, as I've said many times. Kris makes me so happy!!! I can picure Max going into the boards, and I would take him up on his offer. HAHA.

Sid and Riley are so cute, as always and I can't wait to see what happens next.