Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Six

It's a short chapter, I know. The reason for it is that I've got an idea for this story and right now I'm leading up to it and well, I don't want to have one ridiculously long chapter. Trust me, I've had plently of time to think about where I want this story to go and I've also started a new story which is not Sid-related and not posted. It's the only thing I could do to keep my sanity - I've been sick for the past week with the flu and you can only watch so many talkshows before you lose your mind.
Anyway, enjoy chapter twenty-six! :]


Coasting Down Memory Lane;
Chapter Twenty-Six.

The dog had serious injuries that would take time to heal. He had several broken bones, a stab wound, and he hadn’t eaten in two full days. Hearing this news made Riley sick to her stomach, she couldn’t believe that someone could do such a thing to a innocent animal. The disgust quickly transformed into pure outrage.

“You can pick him up in two weeks, but you’ll have to be very careful with him and he needs to be on a special diet…” The woman at the front desk of the vet’s office said.

A few days later Riley and Kaylan were sitting in Riley’s living room watching TV and talking about the weekend when Sidney walked in the door. He seemed to be in a good mood which stunned Riley a bit because they had only won one of the three games on that road trip; he must’ve been happy to just be home.

Kaylan and Riley told him about the abused dog and how Riley felt towards it. She gushed over how adorable the puppy was even though she thought that he might not have much time left. She then sheepishly admitted that she had adopted the dog.

Sidney’s response to Riley’s news was as expected; he laughed.

The days continued to pass by at a quick pace and Sidney was away a lot on road trips and Riley was forever at the station working on upcoming shows. To make matters worse, Bandit, the dog that Riley had saved was not taking well to his new lifestyle.

One night Sidney was out at a players’ meeting at the arena and Riley was at home relaxing. This was one of their rare chances to be together this month and Sidney was told the other day that this meeting needed to be attended by everyone. He promised to be back by 9 o’clock and no later.

Just then Riley’s cell phone started ringing.


“Hi, Miss Jacobs?” a voice asked.

“Yes it is. May I ask who’s speaking?” Riley replied tiredly. The past few weeks had been very exhausting for her at work.

“Sorry to bother you at this time but I was informed that we need you to be here to film some more shows and we need you to host another TV show, seeing as the expected anchor did not show.”

“Right now?” Riley asked, trying to suppress a groan.

“Yes, I’m very sorry to disturb you at this time but it is needed and much appreciated,” the woman replied.

“All right, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

After hanging up Riley then rushed to find a pen and paper to leave Sidney a note explaining why he would come home to an empty house.

The station called and they need me to do some filming and apparently I will be doing another show, too. I’m sorry about this, love. I know its bad timing but I can’t do anything about it. They didn’t mention how long I would be there so all I can say is don’t wait up if I’m not back soon.
I love you.

With that, she left.

This type of thing continued for the next few weeks. Except that Sidney was home a lot of the time Riley was working and vice versa. Even though the relationship between Riley and Sidney was strong, their time apart due to work was taking a toll on their tempers and inevitably their relationship.


mrsjordanstaal11 said...

OH NO!!! Well I hope that everything works out with them they`re so cute together. Can`t wait for more.

gilld22 said...

Oh no, that is not good, I hope they can work through things.

Hope you feel better, I can sympathise, I too have the flu and a very upset stomach!!